Beaten Track Publishing 5 and 5


Hello again friends, I bet you are wondering what a 5 & 5 post is, well I am about to tell you: 

Beaten Track Publishing is an amazing Publishing House that is run by an amazing person, Debbie McGowan. BTP has incredible authors and stories and I have picked 5 I want to read and 5 of my faves to feature here. 

Click on the book TITLES for book info and purchase links! 

There are so many BTP books I want to read, these are the 5 highest on the list, but you have to browse their books with the link I will post at  the end! 

COLONY by: Ian D. Hall

This is a new to me author and I am so excited to dive into their books! If you like Horror books click the book title!

REVERBERATIONS (A Hiding Behind The Couch Novel) 

by: Debbie McGowen

It is no secret that (award winning) author Debbie McGowan is one of my faves, and her Hiding Behind the Couch series is amazing (click the series title for all the books) I can't wait to tuck into this two book beauty! 

ANNA and the LOST ZORN   by: Hans M. Hirschi

This is another of my fave people and authors, so I can't wait to read this one. If you haven't read Han's work, get the tissues ready because you will run the gamut of emotions for sure! 

TREE OF LIFE by: A.M. Leibowitz

I really enjoy this author and I love the summary of this book so I am gonna tuck in really soon!




Here is another fave and award willing BTP author for you, Larry does disappoint so I can't wait to read this one, (and should have already). Click that link and check this one out! 


Next up is my BTP fave five books! Boy was it hard to choose just 5! 


Remember when I said Deb was an award winning author? Well this is her award winning work and I have read it so many times I almost know it word for word! Check it out by clicking on the title! 

UNBROKEN by Larry Benjomin

This is the book that made me fall in love with Larry's work, you will love it too, click the title to find out more! 

WILLEM OF THE TAFEL by: Hans M Hirschi

I can't get enough of Hans writing, and this book is so inventive and engaging it had to be in my top five! You gotta click that title and check it out! 

CRUSH by: Laura Susan Johnson

I have loved this book for so long and it had to be included in my top 5! If you haven't read it click that title! 

UP by: Caire Davis and Al Stewart 

This book is so inventive and fun I had to put it on my list but you can't go wrong with any book by this duo! 

There you have it friends! click on the link below for all the BTP titles! 

Click this link to learn about Beaten Track! 

Thanks for joining me for my 5 & 5 BTP post, click those links it will be well worth it!



Hello again friends, today I am reviewing a book whose author is close to my heart, Susan Mac Nicol has a 5 star track record with me, and Edge is no different! Below is my review: 

I adore this quote for Jory, you will see why! 


by: Susan Mac Nicol

Since he was young, Jory Longstone has been keeping a diary to catalogue his exploits, which helps inspire his music. He finds solace in managing his complicated life through the written word, which he never intended for anyone else to read.

Until one man did, and he now controls Jory's life.

While his band's star is rising, Jory remains trapped and ashamed - closed off from emotional attachments for fear of discovery.

And then he meets Damian Foyle, manager of his family-owned cinema, a place where Jory loves to hide and relax. The antithesis of a rockstar, Damian loves his martial arts classes, tinkering with motor parts, and the simple life.

Damian's first meeting with Jory is just shy of a disaster, and yeah, the second one isn't all that great either.

Jory is annoying, sexy as hell, temperamental, and one helluva rock god in tight trousers. It's all Damian can do not to burn up in the heat of the man's fiery personality.

But getting close to his heart is another thing altogether, and Damian won't settle for anything less.

I love this authors stories so much, and Edge was no different. This book will have you captivated from front to back, and I can't wait for you to read it.

Jory is in a dark place when we meet him, he is being made to do someones bidding because of journals he kept, and if they get out he and others could be ruined.

The only bright spot for Jory, is The small family owned theater run by Damien, and by their first meetings, they shouldn't have a spark, but they do.

This book is a navigation through one mans pain and darkness into the light in the form of a man that could give him the love he has been missing.

I left a ton out IE no spoilers, so READ THIS BOOK, you will be so happy you did! 

Thank you Susan for always giving us what we need in your stories! 

                     I gave this book a five film reels rating :)

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Goodreads Link

 Thanks so much for joining me for my review of Edge, you gotta read this one and Susan's others if you haven't, she isn't one of my faves for no reason ;).

Mr. Big Shot Review


Hello friends, I am back today with a review of a new to me author and boy am I pleased with her! Check out my review of book one of the Suits & Sevens series by Isla Olsen with links to find out more about this great author! 

You will see why I picked this quote when you read Will and Spencer's story! 

Mr. Big Shot

Suits & Sevens 1

by: Isla Olsen


Turning up on the first day of a job you desperately need to discover you’ve already slept with your billionaire boss? Yeah, that’s a bit of a conundrum.

Learning he’s a closeted bisexual currently embroiled in a—by all accounts bogus—sexual harassment scandal? That’s more of a fiasco.

But having to sit outside the office of one of the sexiest men alive, day in, day out, knowing there’s no chance of a repeat? That’s what I’d call a disaster.

My sexy-as-hell boss, Spencer Cox, has one rule: no messing around with the employees. And seeing as how I can’t afford to give up this job, that kind of puts me between a rock and a hard place. A very hard place if you get my meaning…

The way things are going, I’ll be lucky to survive in this job a month.

I am always thrilled to find new to me and talented authors and boy did I hit the jackpot with Isla Olsen! I found out after reading Mr. Big Shot that it is a spin off of another series, but you can read the books in any order, but do read them all! 

Will is in need of a job and Spencer is in need of an assistant after his former one proved to be a lying nightmare! Will and Spence have a surprise in store when they meet at work and you will love to go along on the ride as these two pretend they don't have a albeit brief history.

This book is a fun ride and you will love the dynamic friend groups in this story and series, and I as a sports girl, was excited to learn a little about rugby! I highly recommend this story and this author and I hope you will join me as I review the other books in this series.

Thanks Isla, for crafting a world within your writing I want to visit again and again! 

                  I had to give this book a five silk tie rating 

                       (the reason is pretty darn sexy)

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Below are links and info on Ilsa, believe me you will want to use them!


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Facebook Author Page


Thanks for joining me for my review of Mr, Big Shot, and look for my review of book 2 very soon! 


Payback by Alexa Land Review


Hello friends, it has been A WHILE, and I can't think of any other author I would want to review after being away than Alexa Land! I have done reviews of many of her books and I am so happy to bring you my review of Payback! 

This quote just works for this story, and if you don't know why I can't wait for you to find out, below is my review: 

Firsts and Forever Stories 10
by: Alexa Land

What do you do when your ex-boyfriend breaks your heart? You get revenge, of course.

It wasn’t just that my ex cheated on me. He also humiliated me and treated me like dirt. But I know how to get back at him.

All I have to do is catch the eye of Malcolm Sterling—my ex’s dad, who happens to be a sexy, single silver fox. Since we’ve never met, he’ll have no idea who I am when I make my move. My goal? Arrive at a swanky, upcoming family wedding on Malcolm’s arm, and make my ex totally regret his life choices.

But Malcolm may prove to be more than I bargained for--and he just might have a plan of his own.

Oh what a tangled web we weave.... you know the rest, and that is the perfect lead in to this review. If you have been on my blog before you know I don't do spoilers so get ready to learn about why you should read this book while leaving it's secrets to the Author.

Daniel is the sweetest little sneak, and I say that in the best way because this revenge story is sweet and sassy, and this author is one of a few that could pull that off.

Daniel wants to get revenge on his cheating ex so he "meets" the ex's dad Mal. Well his plan goes a little to well and now he must confess and keep Mal and that is a fun journey in and of itself.

In typical Alexa Land fashion this book will have you laughing, and oohing and ahhing, and you will meet new characters to fall in love with, and catch up with some you already adore.

Thanks Alexa, for bringing us another belly laughing work of art that we won't soon forget!

                        I just had to give this book 5 swimming bears, you will see why :)

Thanks for joining me for my review of payback, see you soon for another look at a great book!



Hello friends, it has been a while since I have done a review, but I am back with an amazing book and I can't wait to tell you more about it! For Love Of God, book 1 in the Blessed Be series is amazing so take a look below for my review and much more including an excerpt! 

This quote reminds me so much of Spencer, you will see why! Now for my review! 

For Love of God

Blessed Be 1 

by: Robin Reardon

reviewed by: Becky

It’s Manhattan, 1983. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is going strong at the 8th Street

Playhouse. HIV/AIDS is still called “the gay plague.” The Twin Towers still stand tall.

And Spencer Hill is convinced God has called him to the Episcopal priesthood.

There’s just one problem. He’s gay.

Determined to stay the course, Spencer avoids Donald Rainey, a young actor he’s

attracted to. Then he tries dating a woman, another candidate at General Theological

Seminary. Then, as a last resort, he considers a life of chastity.

His attempts to deny his orientation fail, and he has a crisis of faith that nearly sends

him over the edge. He’s saved by an insightful therapist and by his relationship with

Donald, which he can no longer avoid. Then his life is in disarray again when Donald’s

life takes a religious turn Spencer cannot accept, and he must find a path where there is

no conflict between God and gay.

I was so excited to review this book because I love this author and I knew it would be something special! Little did I know that this book would take me on a journey, a journey with Spencer that I am so glad continues through the rest of this series. 

We get a front row seat to Spencer navigating his life and how he chooses the path his life will take by combining his love for the Lord and who he really is and wants to be. 

Spencer loves the Lord and he wants to be a priest and tell everyone how God has worked in his life, but he also knows he is gay and doesn't want to live a lie, though the times he lives in are not very tolerant to gay people, so Spencer has to be careful.

There are many people in this book that you will meet and you will be in awe of how Robin weaves them seamlessly in and out of the story. He will love and laugh and cry, but Spencer will take you with him for every tear and peal of laughter.

The author sets up book two in an amazing way, by having Donald, Spencer's (sort of) partner make a decision that could put him on a lonely, if not dangerous path, and it is up to Spencer and Donald's sweet sister Ruth to try to help him.

I can't wait for book two, I want to know what happens with Donald, but I also can't wait for more of Spencer and the way he knows who he is and as far as he is concerned ( and he is right) he is just as qualified to preach God's word as anyone. 

Thank you Robin, for giving us an amazing read just as I knew you would! 

                          I just had to do the 5 Space Oddity rating! You will see why :)

amazon link

barnes and noble link

This next link is very informative, it is a blog post about Robin's friend who is on the cover, and just happens to be a gay priest. This is an amazing post, so check it out! 

Blog Post

Next we have an excerpt that you are going to want to see! 


I spent the next couple of days searching through every theater announcement I could

find, scouring the information for the name Donald Rainey.

I found it.

So Saturday evening I stood outside an obscure theater in the Union Square

area of town, in a short line of people waiting to buy tickets for a production of

Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The actor playing Puck was Donald


I sat as far from the stage as I could, which in that small house wasn’t terribly far.

No one sat to my right, but on my left was a woman who reminded me, somewhat

disconcertingly, of my mother.

Watching the characters cavort about for our entertainment, I felt myself

reminded of high school, and it wasn’t because I sat beside someone who could have

been my mother. No; I found myself glad of the jacket I had worn. Bunched in my lap, it

enabled me to be certain I hid what was happening.

I was getting an erection.

It started as Puck talked about the practical jokes he would play on people: being

a crab in a gossip’s bowl of soup, only to come frighteningly to life; pretending to be a

three-legged stool only to slip away as someone attempted to sit.

Obviously, these statements were not erotic. It was Puck himself. Every look,

every gesture he made seemed rife with carnality. Oh, hell; rife with sex. Though I had

known I was gay for a few years, I had never acted on it. I’d been as chaste as if I’d

taken a vow.

When Puck left the stage at the end of that scene, a silent sigh of relief left my

body. And yet, once he was gone from the stage, I found it hard to concentrate on the

conflict between Helena and Demetrius or on anything else, until Puck reappeared.

It was tantalizing.


As the play wore on, I waited for each of Puck’s appearances. I knew the play; I

didn’t need to follow every character to know what was going on. So it would seem like

forever until Puck appeared again.

Such a wonderfully silly play. Or so I had found it in the past. There was Flute.

Snout. Bottom. Cobweb. Peaseblossom. Moth. Mustardseed. All delightfully ridiculous

characters. But there was only one I wanted to see. Hear. Feel.

I barely caught any of his words. Something warm expanded within me, and my

head buzzed in a way that nearly blocked out sound. I knew Puck was fated to sprinkle

a magic love potion on the wrong man, because he mistook him for another. The actors

playing Demetrius and Lysander looked nothing alike, and I wondered if it had been the

director’s intention to demonstrate that Puck cared so little for human foibles that he

couldn’t tell the two apart.

I watched intently as Puck tiptoed up to the sleeping Lysander, Donald’s body

absurdly contorted to exaggerate—or even ridicule—his need to be quiet. And when he

was about to release the magic dust, he turned toward the audience with the most

devilish grin on his face, and in a sudden thrust of his arm a handful of sparkles flew

away from the stage.

As his hand, now open, was lifted high over his shoulder, he looked out at the

audience. And he looked directly at me. His head tilted to the side just for an instant,

and then he was back in his role again, releasing sprinkles from his other hand over


Did he actually see me? It felt like torture not to know, not to be sure.

Once the scripted mistake was done, the unintended consequences troubled

Puck not at all. His comment: “Lord, what fools these mortals be!”

Now for an author bio and links! 

I am an inveterate observer of human nature, creating stories about all kinds of people,

some of whom happen to be gay or transgender or bisexual or intersex—people whose

destinies are not determined solely by their sexual orientation or gender identity. I write

endings that are realistically hopeful rather than sugary and/or ;happy ever after.


INSTAGRAM: robinreardonauthor


Thanks for joining me for my review of For Love of God, and I hope you pick it up because I know you will be just as inspired as I am! See you guys next time! 



Taste Of Fear

Joker's Sin book 4

Davidson King 

MM Romance/Action/Suspense/Close Proximity

Release Date: 03.08.21


Ciro Navarro has never had it easy, but he learned to survive. Nightmares of a past he cannot erase plague him but thankfully, much of his horrible life is in the rearview mirror. He lives in the present, focusing on his found family, lifelong friends, and the job that fulfills him. Ciro’s circle is small but tight; if you’re in it, you are his world. And somehow he’s become a rescuer—at the slightest hint someone he cares about is in trouble, he comes running.

After years of hard work and patience, Xander has fulfilled his goal and made a name for himself as a world-renowned chef. He lives his dream every day: cooking up and serving recipes that bring people joy. Though he has restaurants in several locations, it’s Haven Hart Xander calls home, and he can’t imagine settling anywhere else. Life is good. In fact, everything in Xander’s life is perfect…until people from his past start turning up dead.

When word of a serial killer hell-bent on ending Xander comes to light, Ciro’s instincts kick in and he vows to keep Xander, the sweet and humble man he finds himself gravitating toward, alive. The seriousness of what is happening rattles Xander, and he allows Ciro into his home to protect him. Close proximity heats things up and shows Ciro and Xander how much they’ve come to mean to each other, but the precautions they’ve taken may not be enough to keep them safe.

When the unthinkable happens, they are put to the test. Can Xander and Ciro survive the crazed serial killer who stands in the way of their forever?

I knew this book would be intense, I mean it is a Davidson King book, it is to be expected, but what I didn't know is that it would shake my soul and make me want to curl up into a ball and weep. Not saying you shouldn't read it, you TOTALLY should, any book that can get a reaction like that outta me is hella good! 

We knew Ciro had a back story, and we have all been waiting on Xander's book, but what we didn't count on is the pain and chemistry combining in this book for a hell of a story! You will learn what gives Ciro nightmares, and you will cry, you will also go through a hell of a ride with he and Xander to try to figure out who wants to hurt him and more and why! 

You know I do no spoilers so you won't be surprised I am leaving it at that! This series is amazing and Taste Of Fear is the perfect compliment to it! Get it now!!

Thanks Davidson King, for not letting us know exactly where you are going with a story, but letting us enjoy a hell of a ride! 

                           the 5 black pepper rating (the reason for this rating made me chuckle) 

Universal Link:



I found myself wondering what he’d order as we walked up to the counter. What did a chef get at other food establishments? What kind of coffee?

When the woman asked what we’d like, I gestured for him to go first. “Hmm, maybe just a black coffee, medium, please.”

Black coffee? “You’re a monster,” I said, and he looked over at me with wide eyes.


“Black coffee? That’s not right, not at all.”

He chuckled. “And what is right?”

“I will have a hazelnut coffee, with hazelnut swirl, and cinnamon, large, please.” I quirked a brow at him after I ordered.

“No. Not even a little of that is right. All sugar.”

He moved down to the pickup area and I followed. “You’re a chef, you’re supposed to order things like truffle coffee with gold flecks of vanilla sprinkles or something.”

He laughed so loudly, the few people who were in the place turned toward us. “That’s such a stereotype.” He took his coffee when the woman handed it to him.

“But…black? It’s tasteless sad water.”

He shook his head, brought the cup to his lips, and sipped. “Mmm.”

Oh, shit. My mind was off coffee and on to how I liked the way he hummed.

“So good,” he said with a smile.

“No. I like my coffee happy.” I took my cup, dropped a tip for the barista on the counter, and moved toward the far booth. I sat, my back facing the wall so I could see all the comings and goings. Xander sat across from me.

“I remember about a month ago, Max, who works at Joker’s Sin with you, came into the restaurant to pick up an order. He was going through the carryout bag, and I asked him what he was looking for. He said he had to make sure the hollandaise sauce was in there, or ‘he’ would be upset.”

Oh, fuck… “Well, Max is weird, so.” I drank my coffee, hoping the conversation would drop.

“Are you the ‘he,’ Ciro?” He was enjoying this.

“How’s your sad coffee, Xander?”

He took another sip and smiled softly. We sat in companionable silence for a few minutes. I wanted to bring up what was going on, to ask what was so bad in his life that he had the HHPD as bodyguards, but he was so at ease, and I didn’t want the scared man I’d seen earlier to return.

“Go ahead and ask.” Xander looked at me, worry marring his beautiful face.

I took a deep breath and asked, “Who wants to hurt you, and why?”

About the author

Davidson King, always had a hope that someday her daydreams would become real-life stories. As a child, you would often find her in her own world, thinking up the most insane situations. It may have taken her awhile, but she made her dream come true with her first published work, Snow Falling.

She managed to wrangle herself a husband who matched her crazy and they hatched three wonderful children.

If you were to ask her what gave her the courage to finally publish, she'd tell you it was her amazing family and friends. Support is vital in all things and when you're afraid of your dreams, it will be your cheering section that will lift you up.