Payback by Alexa Land Review


Hello friends, it has been A WHILE, and I can't think of any other author I would want to review after being away than Alexa Land! I have done reviews of many of her books and I am so happy to bring you my review of Payback! 

This quote just works for this story, and if you don't know why I can't wait for you to find out, below is my review: 

Firsts and Forever Stories 10
by: Alexa Land

What do you do when your ex-boyfriend breaks your heart? You get revenge, of course.

It wasn’t just that my ex cheated on me. He also humiliated me and treated me like dirt. But I know how to get back at him.

All I have to do is catch the eye of Malcolm Sterling—my ex’s dad, who happens to be a sexy, single silver fox. Since we’ve never met, he’ll have no idea who I am when I make my move. My goal? Arrive at a swanky, upcoming family wedding on Malcolm’s arm, and make my ex totally regret his life choices.

But Malcolm may prove to be more than I bargained for--and he just might have a plan of his own.

Oh what a tangled web we weave.... you know the rest, and that is the perfect lead in to this review. If you have been on my blog before you know I don't do spoilers so get ready to learn about why you should read this book while leaving it's secrets to the Author.

Daniel is the sweetest little sneak, and I say that in the best way because this revenge story is sweet and sassy, and this author is one of a few that could pull that off.

Daniel wants to get revenge on his cheating ex so he "meets" the ex's dad Mal. Well his plan goes a little to well and now he must confess and keep Mal and that is a fun journey in and of itself.

In typical Alexa Land fashion this book will have you laughing, and oohing and ahhing, and you will meet new characters to fall in love with, and catch up with some you already adore.

Thanks Alexa, for bringing us another belly laughing work of art that we won't soon forget!

                        I just had to give this book 5 swimming bears, you will see why :)

Thanks for joining me for my review of payback, see you soon for another look at a great book!

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