Beaten Track Publishing 5 and 5


Hello again friends, I bet you are wondering what a 5 & 5 post is, well I am about to tell you: 

Beaten Track Publishing is an amazing Publishing House that is run by an amazing person, Debbie McGowan. BTP has incredible authors and stories and I have picked 5 I want to read and 5 of my faves to feature here. 

Click on the book TITLES for book info and purchase links! 

There are so many BTP books I want to read, these are the 5 highest on the list, but you have to browse their books with the link I will post at  the end! 

COLONY by: Ian D. Hall

This is a new to me author and I am so excited to dive into their books! If you like Horror books click the book title!

REVERBERATIONS (A Hiding Behind The Couch Novel) 

by: Debbie McGowen

It is no secret that (award winning) author Debbie McGowan is one of my faves, and her Hiding Behind the Couch series is amazing (click the series title for all the books) I can't wait to tuck into this two book beauty! 

ANNA and the LOST ZORN   by: Hans M. Hirschi

This is another of my fave people and authors, so I can't wait to read this one. If you haven't read Han's work, get the tissues ready because you will run the gamut of emotions for sure! 

TREE OF LIFE by: A.M. Leibowitz

I really enjoy this author and I love the summary of this book so I am gonna tuck in really soon!




Here is another fave and award willing BTP author for you, Larry does disappoint so I can't wait to read this one, (and should have already). Click that link and check this one out! 


Next up is my BTP fave five books! Boy was it hard to choose just 5! 


Remember when I said Deb was an award winning author? Well this is her award winning work and I have read it so many times I almost know it word for word! Check it out by clicking on the title! 

UNBROKEN by Larry Benjomin

This is the book that made me fall in love with Larry's work, you will love it too, click the title to find out more! 

WILLEM OF THE TAFEL by: Hans M Hirschi

I can't get enough of Hans writing, and this book is so inventive and engaging it had to be in my top five! You gotta click that title and check it out! 

CRUSH by: Laura Susan Johnson

I have loved this book for so long and it had to be included in my top 5! If you haven't read it click that title! 

UP by: Caire Davis and Al Stewart 

This book is so inventive and fun I had to put it on my list but you can't go wrong with any book by this duo! 

There you have it friends! click on the link below for all the BTP titles! 

Click this link to learn about Beaten Track! 

Thanks for joining me for my 5 & 5 BTP post, click those links it will be well worth it!

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