Hello again friends, today I am reviewing a book whose author is close to my heart, Susan Mac Nicol has a 5 star track record with me, and Edge is no different! Below is my review: 

I adore this quote for Jory, you will see why! 


by: Susan Mac Nicol

Since he was young, Jory Longstone has been keeping a diary to catalogue his exploits, which helps inspire his music. He finds solace in managing his complicated life through the written word, which he never intended for anyone else to read.

Until one man did, and he now controls Jory's life.

While his band's star is rising, Jory remains trapped and ashamed - closed off from emotional attachments for fear of discovery.

And then he meets Damian Foyle, manager of his family-owned cinema, a place where Jory loves to hide and relax. The antithesis of a rockstar, Damian loves his martial arts classes, tinkering with motor parts, and the simple life.

Damian's first meeting with Jory is just shy of a disaster, and yeah, the second one isn't all that great either.

Jory is annoying, sexy as hell, temperamental, and one helluva rock god in tight trousers. It's all Damian can do not to burn up in the heat of the man's fiery personality.

But getting close to his heart is another thing altogether, and Damian won't settle for anything less.

I love this authors stories so much, and Edge was no different. This book will have you captivated from front to back, and I can't wait for you to read it.

Jory is in a dark place when we meet him, he is being made to do someones bidding because of journals he kept, and if they get out he and others could be ruined.

The only bright spot for Jory, is The small family owned theater run by Damien, and by their first meetings, they shouldn't have a spark, but they do.

This book is a navigation through one mans pain and darkness into the light in the form of a man that could give him the love he has been missing.

I left a ton out IE no spoilers, so READ THIS BOOK, you will be so happy you did! 

Thank you Susan for always giving us what we need in your stories! 

                     I gave this book a five film reels rating :)

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 Thanks so much for joining me for my review of Edge, you gotta read this one and Susan's others if you haven't, she isn't one of my faves for no reason ;).

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