Mr. Big Shot Review


Hello friends, I am back today with a review of a new to me author and boy am I pleased with her! Check out my review of book one of the Suits & Sevens series by Isla Olsen with links to find out more about this great author! 

You will see why I picked this quote when you read Will and Spencer's story! 

Mr. Big Shot

Suits & Sevens 1

by: Isla Olsen


Turning up on the first day of a job you desperately need to discover you’ve already slept with your billionaire boss? Yeah, that’s a bit of a conundrum.

Learning he’s a closeted bisexual currently embroiled in a—by all accounts bogus—sexual harassment scandal? That’s more of a fiasco.

But having to sit outside the office of one of the sexiest men alive, day in, day out, knowing there’s no chance of a repeat? That’s what I’d call a disaster.

My sexy-as-hell boss, Spencer Cox, has one rule: no messing around with the employees. And seeing as how I can’t afford to give up this job, that kind of puts me between a rock and a hard place. A very hard place if you get my meaning…

The way things are going, I’ll be lucky to survive in this job a month.

I am always thrilled to find new to me and talented authors and boy did I hit the jackpot with Isla Olsen! I found out after reading Mr. Big Shot that it is a spin off of another series, but you can read the books in any order, but do read them all! 

Will is in need of a job and Spencer is in need of an assistant after his former one proved to be a lying nightmare! Will and Spence have a surprise in store when they meet at work and you will love to go along on the ride as these two pretend they don't have a albeit brief history.

This book is a fun ride and you will love the dynamic friend groups in this story and series, and I as a sports girl, was excited to learn a little about rugby! I highly recommend this story and this author and I hope you will join me as I review the other books in this series.

Thanks Isla, for crafting a world within your writing I want to visit again and again! 

                  I had to give this book a five silk tie rating 

                       (the reason is pretty darn sexy)

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Thanks for joining me for my review of Mr, Big Shot, and look for my review of book 2 very soon! 


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