"GABRIEL'S FALL" Release Highlight and Review



Welcome everyone!  We hope by now you're familiar with this author.  If not, then by all means grab a seat and let us introduce you to one of our favorites!  This gal has written so many great stories, and this is no exception.  I imagine you can look through our page alone and see what we think of her, but I encourage you to take a peak and see for yourselves.  You won't regret it.  Now, on with the show!


This book is a short love story about the power of love. It is preceded by Second Time Around but can be read as a standalone. It contains homosexual relationships. 
Gabriel is a keeper of souls. He has been watching over them for millenniums. But one soul is different -- the first time Gabriel holds it in his hands, he knows it is remarkable. For this soul causes something inexplicable. 
Gabriel feels. 
Falling for a human isn't possible; but when that soul grows into Luke Lawson, Gabriel can't contain his growing feelings. Not knowing where to turn or what to do, Gabriel keeps vigilant over Luke and is surprised repeatedly when Luke knows he's there. 
It isn't possible. But it's happening. 
As time passes, Gabriel's feelings for Luke intensify, and Luke's heart reciprocates. Can love overcome everything? 
Can Gabriel truly fall? 


What a perfect time of year for this story!  I mean seriously.  If you weren't thinking of angels for the holidays, you will be soon.  This story is so sweet and touching.  I loved it because it was sad at times, but not too sad.  Sandrine always manages to write beautiful resolutions to bad situations.  I'm glad the streak continued here!  

The story starts off in heaven, you meet the two main characters right away.  Though one of them isn't quite himself until later, hehe.  There is a connection that Gabriel doesn't expect.  One that shouldn't happen, or at least so he thinks.  He's confused and overwhelmed when it's time for the soul he's been given watch over to be born into the world.  The feeling never wanes, only grows stronger as he guards, and tries to protect him.  

Young Luke can feel his angel's presence.  Sometimes he can even see him.  Thankfully his family humors him, and his best friend believes him.  When tragedy strikes, he blames God and his angel for not being there.  But later comes to realize that it's only his anger talking. 

The timeline flows quickly in this short, but lovely story.  You get to see the birth and growth of the beautiful Luke happen quite quickly.  And when push comes to shove, and his angel has to choose between following the rules or watching him die... Well there really wasn't a choice to be made.  Gabriel's gonna fall...

I won't spoil it further, but let me say this, the love between these two is a beautiful thing.  She definitely throws the sexy in, but its not overly detailed.  It's just right.  Beautiful story!

I wish only that we could hogtie Sandy and treat her like the princess she is so she could write full length novels for us.  But that being said, we'd die if we had to wait that long for more Sandy books, so its a bit of a conundrum.  LOL.  Anyways folks, that's enough from me.  But you should definitely check this and other stories by Sandrine Gasq Dion out for yourselves.  Trust me, they're worth it!  Lots of love... 

REVIEW by Mike

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