Moments in Time: It's Never Too Late To Come Out;
                ( Moments in Time #1) by: Adam Stevens; reviewed by: Becky

Life happens. It is how we deal with our daily life challenges that define us as the people we are, and the people we will become. Moments in Time represents an evolution of explosive sexual discovery, from the earliest childhood memories though adulthood. 

Each chapter is a detailed chronological examination of brief moments in time that have shaped and developed the character, culminating into a circular and repeating series of events revolving around sexual discovery, the search for love, and the loss associated with love, and allowing yourself to deviate from the path set before us. 

This is not your ordinary fictional gay romance novel. It is the first in a series intended to allow you to reflect on the characters development, and potentially relate to the characters in each chapter by briefly experiencing these moments in time personally. You will find graphically intense sexual scenes in each chapter. Please note the warning that this book does graphically explore gay male sexual encounters. It is intended for a mature adult audience, and not intended for minors. 

You can determine for yourself, as you read each chapter, which character you relate to the most, and how they affect you, on more than an entertainment opportunity level. I can promise you entertainment, based on relevance. It is the authors intention to extend an invitation to each reader to share their opinion on http://adamstevensshouts.blogspot.com/regarding which characters they would like to see featured in future stories at the conclusion of the Moments in Time series. 

I hope you enjoy Moments in Time: It is never too late to come out

I really enjoyed this book, it wasn't your normal m/m romance, and that is what drew me in about it. This author knows how to change directions often without the book getting muddled and confusing, and that is a rare talent indeed! The sex scenes in this book are many, and very very hot! My favorite is the one in the "jacuzzi with random hot guy"! Whew you will see what I mean if you get this book, which I hope you will! I can't wait to read the second one! The great news is: This book is free on Amazon US and UK until Nov. 4th, so grab it! I am adding the Amazon US buy link down at the bottom of the page to make it easier to grab! Thanks Adam, for giving us something refreshing and exciting to enjoy!          *4.5. Stars* 

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The following link is Adam Stevens blog so you can get to know this author:

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