The  Rekindling of Love:  (Innkeepers Series #1) by: Derrick Knight
                                                                       reviewed by: Becky

       Dwyer Von Strohm thought his life was perfect. He had a great job as a pharmaceutical sales representative; he lived in Downtown Chicago where he had an unlimited number of hot gay men to pursue. Then one day he becomes a casualty of a poor economy and is terminated from his job. 

Dwyer’s situation forces him to move back home and live with his parents in the small town of Glasburg Illinois. Dwyer left Glasburg many years ago because the love of his life, John Fitzgerald, broke his heart. Soon Dwyer and John’s paths collide and it is evident both men still have strong feelings for each other. Will Dwyer find it in his heart to forgive John or will he let the demons from their past prevent them from rekindling the love they once shared? 

Even though Dwyer and John’s friends are rooting for reconciliation, their friends are experiencing their own life dramas. Dwyer’s childhood friend Nathaniel Schmitt and his partner Dustin Hurst for years have tried to adopt a child without any success. Now they have opportunity to adopt a baby. Will Nathaniel’s Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder and Dustin’s introverted personality prevent their dreams of becoming parents coming true? 

Mark Glaser is living with HIV and is in a long-term relationship with Erik Wolters. Mark contracted the disease after being sexually assaulted while attending college. His attackers were never brought to justice. Now Mark is receiving harassing anonymous phone calls and threatening letters. Has Mark’s stalker returned from his painful past or is this a new foe? 

David Smith is a local high school art teacher and freelance artist. One day David is offered a solo exhibition at the local Art Center. They want him to include all of his artwork including provocative drawings of he and his lover Lance Perry naked. Soon a powerful and ruthless school board member finds out about David’s pornographic pictures. This school board member gives David an ultimatum. If he displays his work, he will be terminated. Will David have the courage to display his talent or will he succumb to a bigoted conservative’s threat? 

The Rekindling of Love is about a group of friends’ experiences with hope, fear, pursing dreams, prejudice, justice, and love.

I loved this book, and I would like to tell you why. This story is like reading 4 books for the price of one, there are several different stories playing out at the same time, but this done in a wonderful way, without being confusing. Derrick Knight has masterfully given us a book that as we read we can experience not just one couples story, but the stories of the friends around them. The main couple in this book, Dwyer and John, haven't seen each other in years, not since a betrayal of trust. You will be rooting for this couple to overcome their demons (in the form of one very vindictive woman), and give in to the love that has always been there between them! Thanks Derrick for this lovely book that I wholeheartedly enjoyed! I have included the Amazon US and UK buy links so that if you haven't read this book, you can grab it and dig in! *4.5 Stars*

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