A Never Ending Nightmare (Nightmares Series #3)
                 by: Sage Marlowe  reviewed by: Becky

A terrible revelation has turned half-demon Colin’s life into a never ending nightmare and knowing whom to trust has become more important than ever.

After a gruesome revelation turns his life upside down, half-demon Colin Meighan still struggles to accept what he has found out when yet more severe changes are imminent. His demon side gains strength and he has a hard time coming to terms with the physical alterations he's going through. Knowing who to trust has become more important than ever but a series of events force him to keep a tight grip on his psychic powers.

When the secret organisation that controls Colin sends him on another mission, he appears to have failed at first but then a daring manoeuvre wins him more than just one new admirer. While the sex is as hot as ever and allows Colin to further discover his submissive side, his explorations not only reawaken unwelcome memories in him—they also put a strain on the relationship with his established lovers, Mikey and Sasha. These pressures may just become too much for them to bear and make Colin believe that for a demon like him, life is a never ending nightmare.

If you thought books one and two in the Nightmares Series were a hot read, then you will spontaneosly combust when you read book three! I love how, though there are new situations and interactions in this book, it doesn't feel cluttered or confusing as is the case sometimes when an author brings new situations and people into a series. That seems to be this authors forte, because he sure manages to keep this series exciting and interesting all the way through. Thank you Sage for keeping us attentive and on the edge of our seats with this wonderful series! Below is an excerpt from book three, along with the Amazon buy links to this book so you can jet on over and get it if you don't have it already.    * 5 Stars*

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        Excerpt of A Never Ending Nightmare:

A Never Ending Nightmare Sage Marlowe
Copyright © Sage Marlowe 2014. All Rights Reserved
Colin “Colin?” Mikey called from somewhere down the hall. We were at my place, having once again fled the cosy crowdedness of his parents’ little terrace house in favour of the elegant but impersonal space of my penthouse flat. I was tempted to reach out for his thoughts, to have some kind of warning, but then I remembered that there was a reason I refused to connect to him that way. “What’s up, love?” “Phone.” “Who is it?” “Pete.” My good mood evaporated as always when I thought of my partner and former best friend Pete. Two weeks had passed since he had told me the truth about my heritage and the gruesome tasks his circle of moral-free, power-hungry friends were going to set me. Stalking towards the sound of Mikey’s voice, I found him in the kitchen where he balanced the phone between chin and shoulder while trying to spoon instant coffee into two mugs. “What does he want?” I mouthed, too upset to focus on blocking my mind. I must have transferred some of my emotions onto him because he was twitchy all of a sudden and promptly spilled some rusty brown grains on the worktop. “Just said he wants to speak to you,” Mikey answered and clumsily tried to clean up the coffee but of course he only made an even greater mess when the damp cloth turned the crumbs into something yucky and sticky. Mikey and anything to do with the household just weren’t the best of friends. “Oh, okay.” I took the phone from him and covered the mouthpiece, then I reached for the cloth and gently twisted it out of his hand. He gave me a grateful little smile and blew me a kiss. I returned both but said nothing as I waited for him to add milk to one cup, sugar to the other and leave the room. No way was I going to talk to Pete while Mikey was within hearing range. The risk of him listening in and me giving away something was far too big. Casting a glance over his shoulder, Mikey caught me watching him shuffle down the hall. A frown flickered across his face but he shook it off and went to the bedroom I’d just left. I knew what he saw as he entered and I wished I could have been there with him. Sasha, the beautiful and sexy young man who’d joined our relationship just a few weeks ago, had been sprawled across the bed when I’d left him. The taste of him still lingered on my tongue. He hadn’t woken to coffee but to my mouth and if it hadn’t been for the bloody phone call, he’d be returning the favour now. It annoyed me, but I took some small comfort in knowing that Mikey would reap the benefits and maybe, if I was lucky—and fast enough—they’d make it up to me and distract me from what was likely to be an awkward conversation. Mikey closed the door and I raised the phone to my ear. “What do you want?” “As he said—I want to talk to you.” Pete’s voice sent a shudder down my spine and I closed my eyes in the futile attempt to block out the memories of our last meeting, those horrible minutes when my world had shattered. When he had shattered it. Part of me was relieved that I didn’t have to look into the lying, scheming bastard’s face, but a part of me was missing him more than I cared to admit even to myself. “Fine. Make it quick.” Pete let out a low chuckle. “What’s with the impatience, Colin? Got somewhere else to be?” I blocked all thoughts of Mike and Sasha from my mind, even though I knew that Pete couldn’t perceive my feelings through the phone. Unlike voices, mental images didn’t travel along telephone lines but thinking of them while his words were in my ear soiled the idea I had of them. “Not really, I just want this over with as soon as possible,” I replied, not bothering to hide my hostility. “Right. I understand that, Colin, and I’m not going to keep you long. I just wanted to tell you that I’d like to see you on set tomorrow at eight.” “On…set?” I choked out. “Yes. It’s time for you to start shooting again, don’t you think?” My thoughts were spinning. Filming at Centre Studs, the gay porn production company I co-owned with Pete, had been put to a halt, at least for me. I just hadn’t been able to make myself face him after what I’d learnt and apparently he’d understood. He hadn’t fussed the morning I’d called him to say I needed a few days off and even as the days had stretched into weeks, he’d let me be. Apparently my sabbatical was about to be declared over. “Pete, I’m not sure if that’s such a good idea, to be honest,” I said warily. “Why’s that?” I took a breath to speak, but I couldn’t bring myself to talk to him. He’d been my friend and confidant for as long as I could think and more than that, for years he’d been the only person who knew about my condition. Now he was the last person I wanted to confide in even though I needed him more than ever. “Colin? Colin, talk to me,” Pete ordered and the first cracks appeared in my resistance. “I…I’m not sure what to say… How to explain it.” “Just say it,” Pete urged, but I bit my lip against the words that wanted out. I glanced down the hall once more, at the door behind which no doubt my lovers were busy celebrating the morning. “Not on the phone.” “Fine. Filming starts tomorrow at eight a.m.. Be here half an hour earlier, then we can talk.”

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