All week long we have been bringing you the Nightmares Series by Sage Marlowe, we are up to "Only In Your Nightmares", book 4. Let's have a look shall we?

           Only In Your Nightmares (Nightmares Series #4)
                                              by: Sage Marlowe    reviewed by: Becky

When dealing with creatures that should exist only in your nightmares, it’s best to have your own agenda.
Half-demon Colin finally meets his mark, the mysterious sex club owner Ben Chambers. Determined to make his latest mission a success, Colin doesn’t even shy away from using his manipulative powers to convince Ben of taking him on as a toy boy.

Fascinated by gorgeous Colin and his almost total lack of inhibition, Ben is only too happy to give him a chance but he soon realises that there’s a lot more to Colin than meets the eye. When the two of them discover that they share a special connection, Colin throws caution to the wind and confides one of his darkest secrets in Ben.
But while Ben is willing and able to give Colin some much-needed support and guidance on the way to learning how to handle his special abilities, he knows very well that when dealing with creatures that should exist only in nightmares, it’s best to have one’s own agenda.

Seriously, if this series gets any sexier, I gonna need oxygen! The books in this series don't compete with each other, they compliment each other, and I love that! The flow from one book to the other is seamless, and that is very hard to accomplish, but Mr. Marlowe makes it look easy! I love the addition of Ben, and I think everyone will be as wowed as I was with his addition to the story line! If you haven't made it to this book yet, you will be as floored by this one as you were the first three! Thanks Sage for not skimping on the sex and story line in any of the books in this series! I have, as always, included the buy links, and I have put an excerpt of this book also! *5 Stars*

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Copyright © Sage Marlowe 2014. All Rights Reserved, Total-E-Ntwined Limited, T/A Totally Bound Publishing. Benedict My phone rang. I checked the number, then picked it up and switched to the camera overlooking the entrance area. “Yes?” “Are you expecting anyone?” Darian, my head of security, didn’t sound accusing, just bewildered and maybe a little amused. He’d also chosen to use Gaelic, which intrigued me, so I let the question pass. “No. Why?” “Because I have a mouthy kid here who says he wants to meet you.” “Hmm. The one standing in the foyer right now?” “Yes. Do you see him?” “Of course. He’s magnificent.” Even this praise seemed to be nothing but a cheap understatement to my ears. Magnificent. Beautiful. Gorgeous. All of those adjectives were fit to describe many of my guests, and yet few of them came close to his level of physical perfection. “Does that mean you want to meet him?” Darian enquired. I considered the question for a moment. I was tempted. I had recognised him instantly, having in fact lived in the hope of him paying my establishment a visit for quite some time. Knowing what lay hidden underneath the T-shirt and the tight leather trousers that clung to his lean body like a second skin only added to my desire for him. He combined everything that I wanted in a man. He was perfect. “No,” I said, staring at the screen. “I’d like to watch him some more. I want to see what he does when success doesn’t come quite so easily. Let’s find out how determined he is. Make him struggle some more and when you think he’s earned it, call me back and we shall take it from there.” “Okay.” The line went dead and I watched Darian pocket his phone. I knew I could trust him with a decision like this. He had been my closest friend and confidant for decades and knew most of my secrets—and preferences. If anyone could tell whether the young man was someone worth meeting, it was he. The two of them exchanged a few words, but then the doorbell rang and Darian was distracted by a group of drunken partygoers. They were nothing like our usual clientele, but Darian spent a little time on them, giving me the chance to observe our beautiful visitor some more. I had viewed his films countless times, watching him, learning him. The way he behaved during sex, even on screen, told me that he had a natural submissive tendency, but there was more to him. I’d seen it in a few scenes where he’d topped, and it was there now, in his posture and the set line of his jaw as he stared at Darian. The boy hid a darker side, a feral strength that made him both a danger and a challenge. I yearned for him. I ached with longing. Had he been mine, I would’ve taken him to a playroom that very moment to screw his brains out before punishing him for messing with me the way he did. But he wasn’t mine. Not yet. Colin Meighan might have been blessed with the face of an angel, but his body was made for sin. His flawless, creamy skin begged me to mark it with hands, teeth and tools. I longed to discover his boundaries. A man like him wouldn’t have many, at least not sexually. I was aware of that, but experience had taught me that everyone had their limits. Colin was someone who woke my desire to push him to the edge of what he could take. I longed to explore all the ways I could torture him and lead him beyond that line. He was an exquisite creature, but with the right refinement, even someone as magnificent as he would shine just a little bit brighter. Colin surprised me by taking out his phone and making a call. I wished I were able to overhear the conversation. Judging by the expression on his beautiful face, it was a pleasurable one. Extremely pleasurable, it seemed. Watching Darian while he spoke, Colin sneaked a hand to his crotch and discreetly rubbed himself. Already my cock responded to the sight, filling and pushing at the front of my trousers. Colin must have believed himself to be unobserved and I enjoyed my role as the secret spectator, although I would have preferred to have had him in my room—alone. I was even more surprised when, after a while, another man arrived. He obviously knew Colin. Tall, blond and handsome in a rough kind of way, he was an intriguing contrast to Colin’s darker, groomed beauty. They exchanged some smouldering glances that they soon extended to Darian. Desire filled me, clouding my senses. The two of them together would be a delight to watch but adding Darian to the mix was material for a wet dream. When Darian cast a pleading look at the camera, I didn’t have to think twice. I pressed the speed dial button for Darian’s mobile phone. He took the call on the second ring but said nothing. “Tell them they get a trial membership and ask them to register with Shania for tonight,” I instructed. “I want their details. When they’re out of hearing range, tell me what you think.” “Want me to keep an eye on them?” “Put whatever you want on them if they’ll let you.” “Aye.” Darian hesitated for a fraction of a second then he stared straight at the camera again and winked. He said something to Colin and his friend. They smiled and flirted some more, so they must have accepted my invitation.




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