We have alot in store for you today, in addition to my review of this wonderful short story that was previously posted, we have an interview with the delightful Nico! Don't forget to stop by our live chat with this lovely author tonight at 6 p.m. Central time on our face book page. I will include Amazon US and UK buy links at the bottom of the event, so lets step back to the oh so wonderful regency period with the boys of A Time For Loving!

I think this quote sums up the way Jack and Christopher view their love story, I know it is the way I see it! Here is what I thought of the book:

                                     A Time For Loving: by: Nico Jaye
                                                          reviewed by: Becky

Jack and Christopher have made it through years of campaigning and the horrors of Waterloo together--side by side by day and, by night, in each other's arms. After the war is over, however, will the love shared between this batman and his officer survive when Christopher returns to the life of a gentleman?

I love a little story that is strong enough to come out and play with the big boys, and this little gem from Nico Jaye is certainly ready to rumble! This is a short story, but somehow the author conveys passion, depth, and a lasting love between this couple. It even has a curve ball at the end that is a welcome surprise! If you are a lover of regency romance, and a believer that whatever length a story is, it can pack a lasting punch, then this is the story for you! I highly recommend you get it, you will be glad you did! Thank you Nico, for this lovely story that will stay with me for a long while!   *5 Stars*

Next we have an interview with the lovely  author of this little gem, Nico Jaye! Yes she is as fun to interview as it looks! :)

Hello readers! We are here today with Nico Jaye, the lovely, spunky author of the regency short story: A Time For Loving! Let's pick Nico's brain and get some answers to some things I bet we are all dying to know!

1. I love a good regency romance, what compelled you to write about this period in time?

Oh, Bec, I love a good Regency, too! To be entirely honest, I was inspired by my English friend's birthday and wanted to write something set in England. Although a contemporary would've been fun, my mind immediately goes to "REGENCY REGENCY!" in flashing lights when I think of England. When I first began reading romance novels, I read hundreds of super sweet traditional Regency romances. They really transported me so well into another era, and I've always loved the mannerisms, formality, setting, and style of the Regency. I'd never written anything historical before, but the story for A Time for Loving just sprang into my head and before I knew it, I was writing it. 

Bec- I love it when that happens! Those are the best stories the ones that just come to you! I love all things England too, I know that is one of the reasons that I fell so hard for this story! 

2. I love the dynamic between Jack and Christopher, was it hard to put that much character into these men in a short story? Let me tell you, you did it effortlessly!

Thank you so much! You don't know how thrilled I am that Jack and Christopher spoke to you. :) Is it weird if I say that it really was effortless? As I was writing the story, I already had in mind how they fit together and interacted, so it was definitely not a hardship to portray their time with each other on the page. Being together within the strictures of Society and having to hide their relationship already imposed so much strain on their relationship that I knew their love for each other must be strong to withstand that pressure. I'm so happy that you connected with them!

Bec- I really did, and I know your other readers did too, how could they not!
3. The fact that the men were at war together made their bond so much stronger, did you envision the characters first, or did you know that you wanted them to have been in battle together the whole time?

Hrmmmm, good question! It was kind of a one-two punch in that I definitely knew when the story sprang into my head that the men had been batman-and-officer in the military together. Their characters quickly came into fruition, though, as I got a handle on what kind of batman would serve so tirelessly, devotedly, and valiantly as Jack did for Christopher. In the end, I'm not sure if this makes sense, but to me the military background and their characters developed hand-in-hand.

Bec- It makes perfect sense, and you can really tell the bond between the men is solid, which is sometimes hard to translate onto the page, so well done! 

4. Do you have a certain process you use for writing, or do you just write what you feel?
I used to have a process, but my most recent story totally blew that process out of the water, ha! :) Up until very recently, I was a hardcore follower of The Outline (yes, capital letters!). Basically, I'd create a page or three of loose ideas, notes, and sequences for the events in a story. However, my most recent finished project was a complete and utter pantser story -- in other words, I wrote by the seat of my pants. It was a very different experience, and I had NO clue what was going to happen in the story until suddenly it happened. I had fun with that, but I also love outlines still. I can't say which approach worked better for me, but I guess eventually I choose a process and then write what I feel. :)

Bec- Well whatever process you use, be it 'pantser' or outline, it really works! So don't change a thing! Haha

5. This is a lovely couple. Do you have any plans to continue to write period mm romance, I surely hope so!

Ooooh, I'd love to! I had so much fun writing about them, and the historical setting was really a joy to visit. There's so much charm and beauty to that period of time, isn't there? I don't have anything planned right now, but who knows when the plot bunnies will start fornicating? ;)

Bec- Ahh so that is how the thought process grows? I love it! Well a girl can dream that you will write another one soon!

6.What kind of research did you do to get prepared to write this story? I am a history buff and I loved that we were transported to the past.

Oh, how wonderful! Historicals really do act as little time travel machines, don't they? :) After having read a bajillion Regency romances in the past, I felt like I had some groundwork for the style of writing and speech in which I would be writing. However, specifically for A Time for Loving, I looked up a lot of information on the clothing, such as specifics on when certain styles were in fashion or appropriate to wear. Additionally, although the mentions of military life and station are brief, I wanted to make sure they were accurate. Then there were little things like what the estate would look like, materials used in the decor, and the geographical location. I adore those types of details in Regencies, and I'm so glad you were transported with this story!

Bec- It is the little details that usually make the story, and I know for me if one little detail is off, it takes a big chunk out of the believeablility of the story, I am happy to report you were A-on-point with the details! 

7. What is your next offering you have in store for us? I can't wait to find out!

Ooooh, this one I'm excited to share! I have a werewolf-themed novella called He's Just Knot That Into You that was recently accepted by Dreamspinner Press. The story's still in the early production stages, but it's tentatively on the schedule for a release in Spring 2015. It's silly, it's fluffy, it's werewolfy! I plan on writing more in this universe, and I've actually been working on a short story that will follow up with the couple in HJKTIY AND introduce the character for the sequel novella. Right now, in addition to that short story follow up, I have two sequel novellas planned (in my head, heh), so hopefully they'll go from head to paper soon. :)

Mike and I love Werewolves so we are so gonna be looking forward to that one, and what ever else you have in that talented head of yours!

8. Last question Nico, What made you decide to write m/m romance? I for one am so glad you did, there is totally a different dynamic with m/m, and you do it so well!

Thank you so much, Bec! Oh man, you just gave me serious warm and fuzzies. *hugs* :) I fell in love with romance as a wee lass, and m/m romance a few years ago. There's just something so magical about finding love, isn't there? I can't really pinpoint what drew me to write m/m, but one thing that always intrigued me in m/f romances was the hero's point of view. When I started reading m/m romance, I was floored because--OMG!!--two heroes! Two hero POVs! It was a whole new world. :D In terms of writing my own m/m romance, I began when the Goodreads M/M Romance Group hosted their annual writing event a couple of years back. It seemed like a fun venue in which to try something new, and I really enjoyed the whole process, from concept to production to putting the story out there "in the wild" for others to read and (hopefully!) enjoy. So I guess you could say it was a decision made on a whim from which I've never looked back. :)

Bec- It is a scientific fact (or it should be), that decisions made on a whim are usually the most profitable! It is certainly so in this case, I know a lot of people are happy you acted on that whim!

Thank you, Bec! That's soooo sweet of you. Those writing event stories are all available as freebies, by the way. ;)

Thanks so much for joining us Nico! This was bunches of fun! We will pester you until you join us again sometimes! Hugs!!

Any time at all, Bec and Mike - you guys are great! ♥ Thanks for having me!

Join us tonight at the event to enter the giveaway Nico has planned for us! Can't wait to see you there! 

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