Keeping a Phoenix (Phoenix Series #2); by Sage Marlowe
                                                                         reviewed by Becky

Catching a Phoenix was just the beginning. 

Sinfully sexy and intriguingly smart but highly strung and neurotic, best-selling author Jazz Spencer, aka JS Phoenix, isn't one to be kept easily. He wants love but doesn't know how to live his happy-ever-after now that he has found it with Ryan Holmes, who, deeply infatuated with him, would do anything for Jazz - if only he knew how to keep his precious Phoenix.

Just as it seems that Ryan is finally getting somewhere with Jazz, things take a dramatic turn and Ryan finds himself broken-hearted after yet another break-up. He is certain that they will never meet again until one day, Jazz returns into his life, ready to start all over. 

As Ryan unveils Jazz’s secrets, he is determined not to let him escape again. Going all in, he shows Jazz exactly how much he's wanted - with astonishing results.

This is the sequel to the book I reviewed yesterday, Catching a Phoenix. If someone posed the question, "Can the sequel live up to the first book?" then the answer is a resounding YES! This one has everything the first book had, angst, passion, and scenes so hot you need a fire extinguisher! My heart breaks for Ryan in this one, holding on to something you want so badly, but know might not stay is no fun at all, the depth of emotion displayed in this book is astounding! Then again, when you look at who wrote it, it isn't surprising at all! Pick up this sequel people, and if you haven't read the first one, take a chance on this series, it is a gamble that will pay off  big time! Thanks Sage for making singing the praises of your work very, very easy!         *5 Stars*

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