The Price of Dick by: Dan Skinner
                                                reviewed by: Becky

His name is Richard but he'll say, "Call me Dick." He's a big, butch, brainy guy in an executive suit, hotter than spit on a skillet. The type of guy you can see fully dressed and imagine buck naked in the throes of an orgasm - every six-feet-two, muscular, sexually intoxicating inch of him. He's an ambitious freshman in a prominent brokerage firm who's figured out he can use more than his smarts to get ahead. He's perfected a surefire method to drive home a hard deal. No one can resist him. And he's got one really big secret. But that will cost you. 

For photographer J.J. Johnstone, the price of Dick just might cost him everything.

I love Dan Skinner's work, I love the passion and heart he puts into it. This time he was almost too good, I wanted to hurt someone, someone named Dick! This is such a powerful story detailing the kind of hold an unworthy person can have on someones overall mindset. This is a book about control and how someone takes what isn't earned. Have I mentioned that I hate Dick, and don't even get me started on his mom! This is also a book about coming back from a terrible, lonely place, about learning to love yourself again and a revision of spirit. Thank goodness J.J. finally had someone on his side. There are several quotes in this book I love, but I latched onto one really simple, "aspire higher", yes well all need to do that! Thanks so much Dan, for giving us this well written winner! Buy this book people, you will be angry at Dick, but you will be heartened by "J.J's " triumph in the end!   *5 Stars*

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