It’s Kyle’s birthday and he’s giving you a present – by Jessie G
As I celebrate my newest release of His Premier, book 6 in the Sizzling Miami series, I can’t help but reflect on how far my guys have come. When I released The Protector last year, I firmly believed that there was too much work to be done for just one book. Those characters have since made appearances in Tricking Chase, Their Reason, Safety in Numbers, and most recently, His Premier. In each little cameo, we see growth and the conflict that comes with it, as well as hope that they’ll come out the other side better and stronger than ever.
While I don’t have a firm date for the release of Saving Saul, I wanted to give you a sneak preview of what’s to come. Below the scene you’ll find two ways to catch up on the series these men are fully entrenched in. You’ll need to see how far they’ve come to truly appreciate the happily ever after they’ve fought for.
- Jessie
He was floating, weightless, the hand on the back of his neck the only anchor he needed. From the moment he’d knelt at Saul’s side, the half-mask blocking out all distractions, he’d been focused on the weight of that hand as everything else disappeared. Time had no impact as his body loosened, his heart rate slowed, and his mind emptied of all thoughts except those of his men. He had no expectation of what they would do to him, didn’t need to have a say in how it went, he simply wanted to experience every ounce of pleasure they would give him.
And there would be pleasure, of that he had no doubt. His lovers were generous—consuming him in their mixture of gentle and rough, tender and aggressive—and his need for them was unparalleled. As his trust in them solidified, his submissiveness to them grew. He’d seen it as a natural progression, a deep seated need that he’d ignored because he hadn’t trusted anyone enough to let go. Their acceptance of his gift had been as different as every other response he coaxed from them.
In many respects, Saul saw it as his due. His strong personality made him a natural leader who expected to be deferred to, but it was his compassion that made him grateful for that deference. He didn’t force his will on anyone, especially his lovers. Instead he coaxed it from them with a firm, loving hand. Yet, while it should have been easy for him, Saul’s experiences with Javier in their years under Durango’s rule had left him uncertain about his own needs. It was obvious that Saul feared that his need for Kyle’s submission—and more importantly, Javier’s—was just a sick, twisted perversion.
As for Javier, his uncertainty didn’t stem from fear of wanting what Kyle so generously offered, it was confusion. He believed himself to be as submissive as Kyle, maybe even more so, and when it came to Saul that was true. However, there were so many facets to his personality that had been suppressed by Durango and buried so deep that Javier didn’t even know they were there. Saul knew and Kyle believed he held back with Javier so that those long dormant dominant tendencies would have room to grow.
There was no question, if Saul completely let go of the hesitation and uncertainty that was unbecoming of him, he could completely subvert them. Walking the fine line between seeing to Kyle’s need for full submission and encouraging the dominant personality beneath the submissive veneer that Javier portrayed was wearing on him. Kyle believed that if Saul embraced Javier’s submission, it would give Javier the confidence to explore his own dominant nature. Working out how to make that happen without pushing either of them away was a constant source of frustration for Kyle, but he wouldn’t stop because it was the only way for them all to be truly happy.
The hand on the back of his neck tightened and warm breath ghosted over his ear, drawing his focus from the negative turn of his thoughts. “You’re tense again, pup. Do you need to discuss it right now or can it wait?”
That was the equivalent of Saul asking him if he needed to use his safe words. Did he appear to be in that much distress? While he was worried about Javier and Saul, he trusted in their bond to each other and believed they would find a solution together. Just thinking about the trust between them made his body loosen dramatically which made him realize how tense he’d gotten, and he understood why Saul had been concerned. “I’m okay now.”
Even with the mask, he could feel Saul assessing him. Kyle had heard stories of subs who refused to safe word because they feared it made them look weak. He couldn’t quite wrap his head around it. The word was there as a safety measure for both of them. How else would a Dom know if his or her sub was in trouble? In his mind, not using it and risking physical or emotional distress was as much a violation as a Dom not honoring it. Though he hadn’t yet had reason to stop Saul, he had no trouble asking for a breather and knew Saul didn’t think him weaker for doing so. If anything, he respected him more for understanding the needs of his own body and expressing them without reservation. To Kyle’s way of thinking, anything less than complete honesty between them would impact their whole precarious dynamic.
“Okay, pup.” Saul’s fingers drifted over his neck, soothing him back into the proper headspace.
How long he drifted there, he didn’t know. He was so deep that he hadn’t felt the shift in the room until a gentle finger tipped up his chin and an equally tender mouth whispered over his. Javi. He didn’t need eyesight to know who touched him and though he might wish to see his lover’s beautiful face, he didn’t need his eyes for that either. In his mind, he could easily picture Javier bent over him, his dark gaze filled with desire, and Kyle’s whole body shivered in response.
That finger trailed down, tracing the slim leather collar he wore. He worried the first time Javier saw it, but instead of being angry or hurt, he declared it the most beautiful sight he’d ever seen. The easy acceptance had surprised both him and Saul, but it also gave him courage. Enough that he wore the collar most of the time whether they were in their playroom or not. He did it for himself, because he loved the feeling it gave him, and he did it as a way to encourage the dynamic growing between them.
Though Javier wouldn’t recognize it for what it was, every time he touched the collar and used it to control Kyle’s movements, he showed them another glimpse of his dominant nature. Today he slipped two fingers beneath it and used it to tug him to his feet. Kyle went easily, eagerly, and sighed when he felt Saul hand over his leash. They both knew how much he loved that leash. The feelings they had for one another tethered them together and the leash felt like a tangible representation of that. They used it to keep him close and after being let go so many times, he needed to know that his lovers wanted to hold onto him.
He knew they felt the same way because they never let the leash drop. They might pass it between them, might loop it around their wrist so their hands were free, but it never just dangled thoughtlessly off his collar. Instead, the passing of the leash represented their trust in each other to keep him safe and that was a huge accomplishment for all of them. When he wasn’t wearing it, and he didn’t as often as the collar, it was coiled up neatly on the dresser where it was easily accessible if Kyle needed it.
Others might find it controlling simply because they didn’t understand, but Kyle didn’t give a rat’s ass what anyone else thought.
Javier tugged him forward until he felt the edge of the bed against the front of his thighs. Another slight tug downward made him stop from crawling onto the surface. He and Saul had worked through several leash commands and he loved that Javier had taken the time to learn each one. The short downward tug meant he should stop where and how he was, whereas a longer downward tug would mean Javier wanted him to kneel.
“Hands out,” Javier murmured, his tone low but firm just the way Kyle liked it. Wanting to encourage that authority, he complied instantly, giving Javier the satisfaction of having his demands met.
Chase once told him that he didn’t see the need to disobey Ty just to prove that he could and now Kyle understood what he meant. His lovers knew he was an independent, self-sufficient man, and it would erode the dynamic they wanted if he disobeyed simply to prove something that didn’t need proving.
Leather cuffs encircled his wrists, their locks snapping into place before they were joined by a metal coupler. Once bound, his leash was tugged again, maneuvering him up to kneel on the foot of the bed. Javier moved quietly around him, adjusting his position until he was exactly where they wanted him. Then the bed dipped and he felt the brush of bare skin gliding around his shoulder until he was sure Javier was standing naked in front of him. The vision in his head nearly made him lunge forward, but he held position and waited for the next order.
Javier let the moment drag out and Kyle was sure he knew exactly how badly he was squirming inside. Having Javier toy with him was so very hot and Kyle wanted more of it. Finally, Javier gave him the words he’d been waiting for. “Very good, pup. For a second there I thought you were going to tackle me to the bed.”
“It was close, Javi.” Kyle didn’t feel an ounce of shame in admitting that. He wouldn’t hide how much he wanted them and he could feel pride knowing he held that desire in check because, while he knew his needs would be met, his biggest need was for them to control how that happened.
A soft chuckle and a gentle hand in his hair expressed Javier’s pride in him, and that was all he needed to hold his resolve. “Okay, hands over your head.”
Again, he complied immediately and then groaned when the wet tip of Javier’s cock brushed his cheek. “Javi.”
The soft whine drew another chuckle, darker and deeper than Javier’s, and Kyle tilted his head. With the mask, he couldn’t be completely sure, but it sounded like Saul was still sitting in the chair in the far corner of the room. He could feel the laser focus of his gaze like a touch and Kyle often wondered what he saw when he watched the two of them together. One thing he knew for certain, Saul wouldn’t stay out of the action for long.
Another tug on his hands and then Javier was stepping back, leaving him connected to the hook that hung from the ceiling. The bed dipped and jolted, a sure sign that Javier had jumped down, and the movement of the leash was the only thing assuring Kyle that he hadn’t gone too far. Those soft hands moved him again, spreading his knees as far as they could without putting unnecessary stress on his arms. Leather cuffs were secured to his ankles, snug but not uncomfortable, followed by the placement of the steel bar that would keep his legs spread just so.
With his knees balanced on the edge of the bed, his arms stretched securely over his head, and his ankles held firmly apart, he was unable to shift his position at all. Any attempt would have him toppling off the bed and though he was sure they wouldn’t let him fall, he wouldn’t risk injuring his arms by trying.
The leash moved left, then right, and Kyle knew Javier was looking him over, both to check for distress and to admire his handiwork. “You’re beautiful like this, pup.”
He blushed at the compliment. Over the course of his career as a model and porn star, he’d heard plenty of compliments about his appearance, but none affected him as much as whispered words of praise from his men. “Thank you.”
Knowing fingers teased over the sensitive flesh of his inner thighs, the barely there flutter doing crazy things to him, before his balls were cupped in a supple palm. His sac was handled with that signature gentle touch that was both soothing and arousing. If Javier wanted to, he could play with him like that for hours before he let him orgasm. The idea was both thrilling and terrifying.
Javier continued to work him over, both hands moving over every inch of him, giving him just enough to keep his arousal humming. “I love the look on his face when he watches us. Can you picture him?”
The words were murmured against his ear before sharp teeth nipped at his lobe. He cried out more from surprise than real pain, and the additional visual had him barreling toward an orgasm faster than he thought possible. He cried out again, the word garbled with frustration as he struggled to hold back. They were just getting started, Saul hadn’t joined them yet, there was no way he was going to lose it so fast.
A strong hand clamped around the base of his dick, the palm rough with callouses, and Kyle shuddered in relief. Saul. “Breathe through it.”
Kyle shuddered again and forced air into his lungs. “Sorry...his hands, his words, knowing you were watching…it just came on too fast.”
Saul growled low, the sound full of disapproval. “Don’t ever apologize for reacting to us.”
“I pushed him.” Javier was quick to take the blame, but really, there was no fault here.
“Yeah, you did.” Now Saul’s tone was amused. “He likes when you push him and you like doing it. There’s nothing wrong with that, but he needs to learn control if he’s going to fully enjoy it. Isn’t that right, pup?”
It really was. “We’ll just have to keep practicing.”
Saul laughed, the rich sound rolling through him. After a moment, Javier’s soft laughter joined in and he felt any lingering tension ease from the room. “I think he needs to cool off. Undress me, little one.”
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Author’s Note
I hope you enjoyed this preview of Saving Saul in the 10th installment of my #13months13scenes tour. The guys from Sizzling Miami, Devils Pride MC, and The Forgotten Soldier series will be appearing on different blogs throughout 2016 with little slice of life moments like this.
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