Ink, Sweat and Tears (Ink Sweat and Tears #1) by Sage Marlowe
                                                           reviewed by: Becky

Can you find your one true love in the remains of two failed relationships?

When tax accountant Dean Fowler moves into a new home after wasting six years in an unfulfilling relationship, he finds the man of his dreams on his doorstep—literally. His new neighbour, gorgeous tattoo artist Caelan Stokes, has just become available after putting up with an unfaithful lover for too long. Opposites attract and an intimate evening of comparing notes on what it's like to find your hopes and expectations shattered leads them to share an even more intimate night of sexual pleasures.

Caelan's wounds might run deeper than it seems at first, though, and Dean resorts to unusual measures to create something that lasts, but are the sparks—and the ink—that fly between them enough to build a new love on the ruins of their pasts?

I was beyond excited when I discovered this book, I mean hot guys, tattoos, and written by one of my favorite authors, SCORE! It didn't disappoint I am happy to report, this was a wonderfully hot, and entertaining read that I loved every single second of. One of my favorite things about Sage Marlowe is that he can take a theme that you have seen many times before and throw a spin on it that is refreshing and new. Please pick up this book, and the rest in the series, you will love them to pieces! I am including the amazon US and UK buy links so you won't have any trouble picking this one up, the sooner you get started reading, the happier you will be! Thanks Sage for once again proving my faith in you as an author is in no way misplaced! *5 Stars*

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