Ghost of a Chance; A.M. Snead 
                                                           reviewed by: Becky 

Logan Maddock moves to the small, backwoods town of Blackwell, Wisconsin in hopes of starting over after the devastating death of his boyfriend, Sebastian. After a year of depression, and multiple thoughts of suicide, Logan is still struggling to find a reason to keep living. After buying an old manor house to renovate, in hopes of distracting his thoughts from his loss and grief, Logan is shocked when – during his first night in the house – he has an extremely vivid erotic dream of Sebastian, his first since Sebastian's death. In the dream, Sebastian seems startled that Logan can “see” him. Logan is convinced it's all a dream, and wakes up with a renewed sense of loss. But as Logan soon learns…Blackwell is not the typical, little town it appears to be.

Ok, so you know we are huge A.M. Snead fans here, and there is a reason for that, that reason being everything she touches turns to literary gold! This is a short story, but that in no way takes away from the character and emotion of the story, I actually got chill bumps toward the end. Logan will tear you up with the depth of love and emotion he still carries for his fallen lover Sebastian. This story asks the question, "When love is real, can even the finality of death separate those in love?" well people, I have to say, I think you will like the answer! Thanks A.M. for giving us this story of love and loss, and redemption. * 5 Stars*

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