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About the Author

Living in a small town in New Zealand E. S. Skipper writes during the quiet of the day, but being the owner of an over excitable puppy, quiet is not always possible. Even though English is the first language of many of his friends, the difference between Kiwi English and American English has produced a lot of  laughter among friends and fans alike.

Living in the Land of the Long White Cloud, Kiwi characters feature strongly in most of E.S’s stories. Writing was a hobby but soon became a way of life. E. S. believes that love is love, no matter who it’s with, and everyone deserves to be with the person of their choice. A true romantic at heart, E. S. Skipper believes everyone will have their happily ever after.

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Here's our Q&A
Bike:  Can you think of one book, story, or moment that inspired you to become an author?

E.S.:   To be honest, I have read some really bad stories and I thought, I can do better than that. So I really have to thank them for making me pick up the pen and write.    

Bike:  Can you give us one piece of advice for aspiring authors that you wish you were given?

E.S.:  Believe in your characters. They will lead you in the right direction. BUT remember - every single writer has to have an editor. And every single writer I know has admitted they have cried when they’ve seen their first round of edits. Love your editor. If you don’t like them, then get a new one. Don’t be afraid to say you don’t agree. It’s your story and you have the last word. They are only trying to make it better for you. This is business, not personal. And grow a tough skin - you're gonna need it. Okay, that was more than one piece. I could go on and on. There is so much more to it than just writing the story. Someone should so write a book about it. 

Bike:  What is your all time favorite book or author?

E.S.:  What a question. And not an easy one to answer. I honestly couldn’t tell you, so I will just say any great book. 

Bike:  The characters in your book take on a life of their own.  Is there one character you have grown attached to more than others?

E.S.:  Alfred. The loveable old rouge. I think there is more to him than any of us know. 

Bike:  If you could pick any story that you wish was real, and that you could be a part of no matter how fantastic, what would it be?

E.S.:  Okay, this is super, super easy. Rangi from my first story, No Worries, Mate. I would love to live on a remote island and have the peace and tranquillity of nature around me. Plus have a hot dude come and steal my heart. 

Bike:  Can you tell us anything about Tamati that wasn't mentioned in the book?

E.S.:  Tamati is still growing as a person. He respects his family and his culture. And even though as yet we haven’t seen much of it, he does speak fluent Maori.  

Let's Talk about the book!

Title : Flight of the Kiwi ( Book 1 ) London Calling

Author : E.S Skipper

Publisher: E.S Skipper

Length : 43.448

Release Date: Sept 19 th 2014


Tamati Kumeroa is about to embark on his great adventure, his Gap Year, after finishing his arts degree. He’s talked about this with his best friend Steve for so long and now that it’s finally here, he can’t wait to get started. On his last night in New Zealand, the barman he’s lusted after for so long decides to make sure Tamati won’t easily forget him. Talk about bad timing….

His flight to London is certainly memorable, especially when a very rich Arab makes Tamati an offer that he’d be a fool to turn down. And when he accepts it, what he encounters is a very memorable time indeed, spent with a sexy man and a host of new friends.

His trip is off to a very interesting start. One thing Tamati didn’t bargain on was losing his heart…

Here's what our Bec thought of it!

I was so looking forward to reading this book, and I am very happy to report that I was not disappointed! I found myself falling in love with Tamati even before he set off for his grand adventure, which wasn't far into the book at all. That is a true testament to this writers ability to craft a character. This boy found himself in all kinds of new situations, but held onto his dignity, and stuck to his principles,even while doing what other people wouldn't consider the norm,this was very refreshing to me. The love scenes were very steamy, which is never a bad thing. I greatly enjoyed the book, and the ending, wow talking about throwing you for a loop, and giving you something to look forward to in the next book! Thank you E.S. Skipper, for an enjoyable winner!           
                                * 5 stars*

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