Catching a Phoenix: (The Phoenix Series #1)
                                                by: Sage Marlowe; reviewed by: Becky

Confined to rural England for a holiday, Ryan Holmes isn’t expecting the only person within a five-mile radius to be the man of his dreams. Hotheaded but introverted, Jazz Spencer, Ryan’s solitary neighbour, may look like a dream come true but has the potential to become a nightmare.
Giving in to mutual attraction, they begin an affair, and Ryan finds himself increasingly intrigued. But even though they are obviously very compatible on a physical level, Jazz remains distant. His reluctance to reveal his feelings, or indeed much personal information at all, forces Ryan to make his own assumptions, which mostly turn out to be painfully wrong.
Ryan soon has to realise that whenever he is about to fall in love, Jazz just shies away, leaving Ryan's heart burned by the heat of passion.
Determined that he can solve the mystery that Jazz is to him anyway, Ryan sets out to catch him for good.

Wow, just wow, Sage Marlowe has floored me once again, this is a wonderful, hot story,  and joy of joys there is a book 2! Ryan just grabbed my heart, and I love how he embraces how he is feeling, even when Jazz doesn't. Mistakes are made, and feelings are hidden, which makes this couple a lovely little puzzle to work out! Love this one, I strongly urge you to dive into this book, you won't come up for air till you're done! Once again Sage Marlowe, you have left me speechless!      *5 Stars*

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