Skye Blue (#6 in the Firsts and Forever series) by Alexa Land

Skye Blue bye Alexa Land
#6 in the Firsts and Forever series!
Sometimes, the road to happily ever after takes you where you least expect it.

Skye was only interested in finally losing his virginity, but he might have found much more than that. Two guys both feel so right to the twenty-one-year old art student, but maybe that means they cancel each other out. After all, if either was the one, Skye wouldn’t have feelings for both of them. Would he?

But what if he really did just meet the love of his life?

This male/male romance is for ADULT READERS ONLY. It includes graphic sex and explicit language. Skye Blue is the sixth book in Alexa Land’s best-selling Firsts and Forever series, but each book can also be read as a stand-alone, so jump in anywhere

     This entire series is off the chain good!  I picked this one to review first because I truly love the main character.  If he were real I would find him and best friend him so hard!  Now on to the review!
     Oh how I love you Skye Blue...Let me count the ways. hehe. First let me say this author has the most amazing sense of humor. If I find out she takes a spot writing sitcom comedy I'm watching it. I'm telling you folks she's great. That alone makes her books worth the read. The characters are so unique. The plot is always fun. The drama touches your heart. While I'm sure you can read these books as stand alone, there is something magical about following along with a series. I have no regrets getting every book in this one. Please check it out. Prepare yourselves for Nana....I think she's one of my favorite all time characters.
     Just a quick mention without spoilers here. Skye is the guy we all want to be around. Even when we're in a bad mood and might get annoyed at first, he's going to bring you out of it. He's a star... Not the fake, make everyone jealous kind. No he literally lights up a room, he lights up the hearts of those around him. Is he perfect? No way! In fact he's got a lot going on behind his smile. But after making it through the darkest part of his life he's so much stronger than everyone gives him credit for. You will love this boy! Please take a chance on this book. Its worth every penny and then some!


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  1. Argh Alexa somehow managed to delete your comment. It was a double post but deleting one deleted both. But I'm so glad you liked it. :) Skye definitely stole my heart of all the characters so far. <3