Flight of the Kiwi: London Calling by E.S. Skipper

                                                                        reviewed by: Becky

Tamati Kumeroa is about to embark on his great adventure, his Gap Year, after finishing his arts degree. He’s talked about this with his best friend Steve for so long and now that it’s finally here, he can’t wait to get started. On his last night in New Zealand, the barman he’s lusted after for so long decides to make sure Tamati won’t easily forget him. Talk about bad timing…. 
His flight to London is certainly memorable, especially when a very rich Arab makes Tamati an offer that he’d be a fool to turn down. And when he accepts it, what he encounters is a very memorable time indeed, spent with a sexy man and a host of new friends. 
His trip is off to a very interesting start. One thing Tamati didn't bargain on was losing his heart…


  I was so looking forward to reading this book, and I am very happy to report that I was not disappointed! I found myself falling in love with Tamati even before he set off for his grand adventure, which wasn't far into the book at all. That is a true testament to this writers ability to craft a character. This boy found himself in all kinds of new situations, but held onto his dignity, and stuck to his principles,even while doing what other people wouldn't consider the norm,this was very refreshing to me. The love scenes were very steamy, which is never a bad thing. I greatly enjoyed the book, and the ending, wow talking about throwing you for a loop, and giving you something to look forward to in the next book! Thank you E.S. Skipper, for an enjoyable winner!           
                                * 5 stars*

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