How do we find the courage to be true to our heart’s desire?

Erotic Drama
Set in the 1990’s. Daniela is a beautiful woman with a sordid and abusive past, trapped in a marriage to a man whom she does not love.
A bitter-sweet and indulgent journey of lust, love and discovery to find what is sacred … at no expense; risking head-spinning infidelity and deception.

Daniela is a novel that will change the way readers think about love, passion and ultimate sacrifice.


      Okay all you 50 Shades goyles and boys...This ones definitely worth checking out!  I admit at first I didn't want to like Daniela.  She seemed a little impulsive and selfish.  Then I got to know her a little better.  Whereas I wanted to shake her at first, I ended up wanting to hug her by the end.  Sometimes you have to be a little selfish to do what's right for your self.  It's not easy to find your way when you have very little to work with! 
      Daniela takes us along with her as she seeks the love she definitely isn't getting at home!  Our main character has had a terrible past, but hasn't let it break her.  Sometimes it takes many dead ends to get to your destination.  I think some readers may wonder at why she chooses to behave in certain ways, or put up with some of the things she does.  But sometimes discovering happiness takes lots of unhappiness to get there.  She is torn between sacrificing her own happiness for the ones she loves. 
     Its also a lesson on trust.  When trust is broken, its hard to recover.  When the person who is supposed to love and, support you, breaks your heart and hurts you, you can't always find your way back.   What does love mean to each of us.  Daniela takes you along with her while she searches for just that!  Hope you enjoy :D

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