STARS FALL : by Louis J. Harris

Hi friends, we know you have been eagerly awaiting this book just like we have, and as I said on facebook, Louis has graciously dropped the pre order price of this gem just for us! So if you didn't hit this link on facebook, please do it now and take advantage of this awesome deal, won't last long so snatch up your copy of Stars Fall for $3.49! Thanks Louis, for giving us the chance at this awesome deal!

Here is the summary that got us all hooked:

Keegan Mansfield is the star of the track and field team and he's destined for Rio 2016. But there are problems; he's lost, lonely and a social outcast. You see, Keegan Mansfield is a bilateral amputee. A T44 Paralympian whose life is filled with false friends and dysfunctional parents. What will it take to change his world? Love? Honour? Trust?  
Conrad Smith is a fine able bodied athlete, he runs for the same team and saves Keegan from a potentially violent incident.  Conrad believes in Keegan. Falls in love with him. Then breaks his heart.   Keegan switches to survival mode, but will he ever forgive Conrad? And when tragedy strikes like a lightning bolt from heaven, will Keegan continue his Olympic dream?  Only Keegan can change his world for the better, and he knows that if he doesn't do so soon, his Olympic dream will be in vain.

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