Man and the Beast: (The Beast Within #1), by J, Ashburn
                                                                reviewed by: Becky

Alec Ashcroft is afraid. Afraid of himself, the black outs, the hunger, and of what he might be capable of doing. See, Alec is a shifter, a wolf and he doesn’t know how to control his extraordinary power. Refusing to put his boyfriend Matt or his family at risk, Alec runs away from everything. He must protect others from his dark side and hopefully find the answers he’s been seeking all of his life.

The town of Redfern seemed the perfect escape, lots of forest land and animals to hunt, until Alec met Luca. Dark, seductive, sexy, Luca is like Alec and the scent of him drives Alec wild. He shows Alec how to control and use his power to his advantage and soon Luca exerts his allure over him. The two become entwined in a passionate and wild relationship with Luca even inviting him to join his pack high up in the mountains above town. Is this enigmatic new stranger to be trusted or is there something more sinister going on? All Alec wants to believe is that he’s finally found someone to calm the Beast Within.

Man I love a book with exciting twists and turns and well written characters, and boy did I get it here! This is a great book one in this trilogy, and I love sweet Alec. I won't give anything away, I will just say that I liked Luca at first, and that is a testament to this authors writing! The sex is hot, the plot is good, and it leaves you with a cliff hanger, what more could you want, well besides book two! Get this one people, you will love it! Thanks J. for giving us a shifter series that is gritty, raw, and different! I have included the buy links for Amazon US and UK at the bottom of the page. *4.5 Stars*

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