Compromised (Uniformity Series #1) by; Ethan Stone 
                                                                        reviewed by: Becky

          Kash never thought he’d find true love working at a maximum security prison, but that’s exactly what happens.

Correctional Officer Daniel “Kash” Kashaveroff is single, gay and working at a maximum security prison in a small town in Nevada. Not the best job or town in which to meet men. He wants to fall in love again but isn’t actively looking.

Then he begins working with a new partner, Zane Davis, and his life is turned upside down. Kash is attracted to Zane but isn’t sure the sexy man plays for his team. When the gay or not mystery is solved, Zane and Kash begin a relationship that starts as friends-with-benefits but soon becomes a committed one.

Zane is bisexual and as much as he cares for Kash, he is still drawn to women. The attraction to the fairer sex creates problems in the relationship but Kash is committed to making it work.

While dealing with his relationship issues, Kash also becomes friends with an inmate named Cody Ives. Becoming personally involved with an inmate is against the rules, but Kash believes in the young man’s innocence and insists on proving it.

I have been hesitant to review this book because it means so much to me and I want to do it justice. This is the first M/M book I ever read, right when it came out, and this book got me hooked on the genre! I guess you could say that Ethan Stone cost me a lot of money making me fall in love with the genre, it was money well spent though! This book has a little of everything, suspense, passion, intrigue and of course, some really hot sex! Don't miss this one, you will be rooting for Kash, and calling for the heads of the bad guys! Let the reading marathon begin, oh yeah there are three books in the series, so grab em all no waiting! Thanks Ethan, for a wonderful book that opened up a whole new world for me! I have included Amazon US and UK buy links so you can grab it if you don't have it!   *5 Stars*

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