Gold Digger by: Aleksandr Voinov
                                                                      reviewed by: Becky

Not all that glitters is gold.

Nikolai Krasnorada leads the life of a corporate nomad. Working for a gold explorations company, he’s never put down roots, and he likes it that way. Roots can be dangerous, as everyone from his “man-hating” sister to his manipulative mother to his war-traumatized father has proven.

But when his CEO sends him to Toronto to strike a deal with LeBeau Mining, Nikolai meets Henri LeBeau, crown prince to the resources conglomerate and inveterate flirt. Sparks fly immediately, despite the business deal that threatens to go sour and Nikolai’s own reluctance to give Henri false hope about him being Mr. Right. He’s barely come to terms with his bisexuality, and getting involved with Henri would get messy.

When LeBeau Mining launches a hostile takeover bid, Nikolai and Henri find themselves on opposite sides of the negotiating table. But fortunately—or perhaps unfortunately—for Nikolai, Henri’s not nearly as interested in his company as he is in his heart.

This is my first book by this author, and I am hooked, the depth of character in the book is amazing! I know this book is a spinoff of the epic Special Forces by this author, but I am so glad I went ahead and read it. You don't have to have read Special Forces, although after meeting Vadim I am rushing to get it! I love how the author paints such a vivid picture that you just want to be in the story! This may have been the first I read by this brilliant author, but you can bet it won't be the last! Great job Aleksandr, can't wait to see what you bring us next!                 *5 Stars*

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