Hands On by: A.M. Snead
                                                            reviewed by: Becky

During his last night as a custodian in the hospital, Brian Aimes encounters heart surgeon, Donovan Chambers, distraught and half-drunk in his office. In an unexpected turn of events, Brian finds himself in the doctor’s condo for a night of wild, unbridled sex. ‘It was just a one-time thing’ Brian tells his best friend, Eddie, the next morning. ‘He’s from a different world.’ But Brian soon discovers that the doctor’s world isn’t so different or distant from his own after all.

This is a short story that has big impact! I love these characters and the way this author develops them so astoundingly in such a short amount of time. Donovan is a broken man who is down on himself and his life, when he meets Brian on the last night of Brian working in his hospital.The twists and turns in this book will leave you breathless and hungry for more! Thanks A.M., once again for taking us on a ride we don't want to get off of! *5 Stars* 

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