Author Spotlight! "A.M. SNEAD"

Author A.M. SNEAD!
(a.k.a. C.J. Bishop)

We have talked about this Author under both her pen names.  She is by far one of mine and Bec's favorite authors.  She's also the reason we met!  Bec was a book pusher from the beginning (haha).  
She kept telling me about the series, "The Phoenix Club", and how good it was.  I remember I kept seeing the series searching for books, and passing it over because it was about "strippers".  Finally taking Becky's advice I tried it out.  HOLY COW!  I fell in love with those boys and this author immediately.  I've read books about strippers, and porn stars before.  This author humanizes her characters in such a way that makes her stories not about the profession.  These guys aren't just porn stars or strippers, they're individuals with a profession many look down on.  It's a fascinating glimpse into a world that most turn their nose up at when not enjoying it for themselves.  So today we are giving a shout out and spotlight to this great author in order to celebrate the release of the second book in her Boys of Porn series!  It's the sequel to Jack of Hearts.  We'll give reviews to the initial book, as well as a fun character interview by Becky with none other than Jack himself!  We'll also tell you about the Phoenix Club series, since it's so important to us both.  We hope you guys enjoy and stop by our FB page to talk to the author yourselves tonight at 6pm CDT!

Lets talk about...
Jack of Hearts (Boys of Porn book 1) 


"In a taboo industry that thrives on raw, emotionless sex, Gideon Dodd is a visionary who views gay sex as a thing of beauty and something to be celebrated rather than exploited. Gideon’s boys are the best in the business, not merely for their exquisite talents but for the bonds they share with one another as their mutual love for each other thrives on and off the camera. But as within all families, tension – and even jealousies – arise and threaten their ‘harmony’ at both home and work. 

Jack Heart – 21, cute and with just enough “cockiness” to be a natural in front of the camera – has a passion for sex, but not for love. Believing that the porn industry poses no threat to his heart, Jack is surprised to discover a new home and a close-knit family among Gideon Dodd’s boys. With Parents who disapprove of his “lifestyle”, and the one person he was closest to now gone, Jack is drawn into the family atmosphere that Gideon has created. Yet when co-star Garrett North begins to test his resistance to falling in love, Jack’s heart suddenly becomes the prize to win. But is Garrett playing for keeps…or is Jack simply another conquest for popular porn star, Garrett North?"

 Amazon Jack of Hearts

(Below is the original review we did for this book by Mike)

"Wow..just wow!  I swear this author is channeling a gay man she's so spot on with her writing HAHA.  I know most readers will see this title and I don't know if I want to read about porn stars.  I encourage you to think again!  I admit, I passed this author by at first when browsing, because I didn't want to read about strippers.  Then my long distance twin told me to check it out. Phoenix Club series blew me away.  This author manages to capture something that would otherwise be totally smutty and make it romantic.  But don't get me wrong...ITS HOT!  Smoking hot!  She brings you into this sexy environment and makes you fall in love with the people behind the beauty.

The characters in this story are each unique and thought out.  I had no problem picturing them each in all their glory (my poor blood pressure!) lol.  You have all the elements of a sexy fun read here and a beautiful beginning to a potentially epic love story! YAY!

Now, let it be known, I'm not a huge "mystery" or "suspense" fan lol.  I am more of a instant gratification kind of guy (most are lol).  But let me also admit that this author manages to throw just enough plot twists and "Oh my god I KNEW IT!" into her books to be fun without dragging it out.  I love that!

I don't like to do spoilers in reviews...but do want to talk about this book a smidgen.  This author manages to capture the broken picture of these beautiful guys and frame it in a way that you fall in love with them.  Jack, our main character, is one of these flawed angels.  He's been through something that most of us couldn't even imagine.  It makes him want to close himself off.  To allow things that should be personal become impersonal.  But its hard to tell the heart to stop beating.  It's got a mind of its own.  Even when you tell it to stop caring, it doesn't listen.  Thus the crux of the problem for our dear Jack and Garrett.  I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see this story unfold!"

Becky got to ask Jack some questions!  Lets see what he said...

Thanks so much for joining us today Jack! We hate to pull you away from your "work", but we are dying to know more about the new addition to the "family"! Here are a few burning questions we feel readers want to know!

Q:  Do you feel like you are a part of a family now that you are with Gideon and the boys? If so, is this how you expected it would feel?
JACK: “I do feel like I’m part of a family. Gideon’s home is just that…a home. Sure, there is a strong sexual atmosphere, but it is often just friendly play and flirting. We live as a family, though. Even sit down to dinner together. I instantly felt welcome and accepted as soon as I arrived. I don’t think this is really what I expected. I mean, I knew Gideon treated his boys well, but I had no idea he had actually created a real home, a real family with them. I think, like most everyone else, I’m sure, that I had a preconceived idea of what it would be like to live with a bunch of porn stars. And this wasn’t at all what I’d expected. But it was a pleasant surprise. It’s nice to have a family who cares for and accepts me for who I am. Honestly? It’s been a long time since I’ve experienced that such a feeling.”
Bec-  I admit, it's easy to have preconceived notions.  But I am so glad that you've found a family atmosphere that you're happy with.  I think most of us would be happy too! 

Q:  Do you have a time frame for staying in the "business", or are you just playing it by ear?
JACK: “Right now, I would have to say ‘playing it by ear’. I think eventually I might like to take some photography courses. I love the male form, and would like to maybe photograph nude males. Classy, artistic stuff, of course. Not smut pictures. I want it to be art. But for now, I’m just Jack Heart – porn star extraordinaire. Well, I don’t know about the ‘extraordinaire’…you’d have to ask the other guys on that.”
Bec-  That's a terrific goal, and we would love to see them when you do take some!  As for the extraordinaire, hehe I will have to ask around, but I am pretty sure it's true!

Q:  If there was one stereotype you could erase about pornstars what would it be?
JACK: “Well, I don’t know if this is a stereotype, per se, but I think society, in general, tends to view anyone in the “sex” industry as less than human. As if they don’t possess any sense of morality or self-respect, for themselves or others, and that they can’t connect with another person on an emotional level. Fall in love, have a real relationship. And, unfortunately, I would have to say men, for the most part, seem to think that those in the business – porn stars, strippers, etcetera – are fair game to their lust. I’ve heard it remarked that if, for example, a female stripper gets raped, that she brought it on herself – as if it should be expected. But these people are working for a living, like everyone else. Having a strong passion for sex doesn’t automatically debase them. Or it shouldn’t anyway. Yet it seems to in the eyes of society. So I guess if I could erase one thing, it would be this belief that porn stars are “only” about sex. I suppose such assumptions are to be expected, all things considered. But the guys I’ve met – though they flirt and tease incessantly – they are real people with real hearts who give a damn about each other. And if ‘society’ is so close minded that it refuses to see and accept this reality, then…pardon my French, but society can go fuck itself.”
Bec-  Perfect answer! May I say I am thrilled you didn't give a PC answer! This is a great point you make, and I hope that people do indeed realize that porn stars are - for the most part- not uneducated and broke. They are people working in an industry deemed taboo, therefore looked down on and cast aside as whores, junkies, or degenerates, which in my opinion couldn't be further from the truth in most cases! Woah, now you have me up on your soapbox! hehe next question.

Q:  Do you find it hard to separate your personal and professional lives?
JACK: “For me, and I think probably most of Gideon’s boys, that line is a bit hazy – because of our living situation. Where other porn stars go to work, do their scenes, whatever, and then go home…I think it would be easier for them to keep the two separate. But for us, living in such close proximity and sharing our personal lives with those we shoot scenes with…the two start to blend together to some degree. But not necessarily in a bad way. I think it actually brings us closer, as friends as well as co-stars. In a lot of ways, even the friendships are more intimate than they might otherwise be if we all lived apart from each other and only gathered together to shoot the scenes.
Bec-  Another good point, it does make for a tighter dynamic on screen and off I'm sure.

Q:  Do you approach sex with a different mindset when you are working as you do when you do it for pleasure?
JACK: “I think the longer you’re in this line of business, the easier it becomes. But it can be a little difficult at first. Sex in itself is an intimate, personal act with another human being. And if you’re a person who tends to connect emotionally with others, it can be a challenge to differentiate the two. As I mentioned in the previous question, the way we live I think connects us on a more intimate level. But even so, we understand that when we do a scene, we are ‘actors’ playing a part. Of course, if you’re doing a scene with someone you feel especially close to “off” camera, then it’s natural you’re going to feel some ‘real’ emotion in the scene. But for the most part, I do approach a shoot with a different mindset than if I was simply engaging in sex for pleasure. I think you have to. As I said before, sex is an intimate act. If you let yourself embrace it emotionally during scenes, I think too many feelings would eventually develop that would cause problems both on and off camera. So to some degree, it’s important to keep a professional mind about you while engaging in sex during a shoot.”
Bec-  Wow, when you put it that way, it really has to be tough to turn off the emotions! The next is a burning question I'm sure we are all dying to know.

Q:  Is there anyone in the house that you haven't done a scene with that you hope you will?
JACK: “I haven’t been at Gideon’s very long, so I’ve only actually shot a couple scenes so far. I have one coming up with Lucas – an actual ‘Skit’, so it will be more than just a ‘sex scene’ – and I have to say, I’m really looking forward to it. Lucas has a very powerful personality, and he has a love for the camera, so he really gets into his roles. I think it will be very exciting. I would like to do a scene with Derek, though, as well. He’s very good looking, with a beautifully sculpted body. I’ve seen some of his videos and I have to confess that I’m totally enamored by this little hip roll he does…very eager to be on the receiving end of that. Hmm, maybe that was a bit of an overshare…
Bec-  Oh no no, overshare please! 

Q:  Of those you have done scenes with, who has been the most fun to work with?
JACK: “The twins. Mickey and Marcus. No question. Those two – damn. They’re a mix of heavenly angels and devilish imps rolled into one…or I guess ‘two’. I would have to say they are the exception to the ‘mindset’ rule. When you’re with them – on or off camera – you’re with them for real. And for all their ‘innocent’ appearances…those two will take you places no one else can. I think it’s their love and passion for one another that makes them so fun and exciting when they turn it all on you. And it isn’t just ‘sex’ with them. Everything they do is steeped in genuine love and affection. I think every damn guy in Gideon’s house is in love with them on some level. Lord knows, I sure am.”
Bec-  Wow, yes they do seem very connected and share a very special bond, speaking of bond, onto the next question.

Q:  Do you think it is possible to fall in love in this business?
JACK: “I may have already answered this question indirectly. But yes, of course, I think it’s possible. They say you meet the love of your life when you least expect to, and usually when you’re ‘not’ looking for them. I don’t doubt that many porn stars have met their life partners in front of a camera. When you encounter ‘the one’, I can’t imagine that your practiced mindset works for shit. I think love can find anyone at anytime, anywhere. People ‘out there’ will try to put love in a box, and as I mentioned before, assume that people like us don’t understand it and could never experience it as God intended. But I think God’s intention concerning love was very simple – to love one another honestly and sincerely. And I believe it is within us all to love that way – whether you’re a porn star or a preacher in a pulpit.”
Bec-  Another very good point Jack! You are full of wisdom today! I am loving it!

Q:  What goes through your mind right when you do a scene?
JACK: “Uh…well…that’s hard to say, my mind is usually a little hazy at that point. But one consistent thought that never fails to pass through my mind the instant my co-star begins to touch me is – ‘I can’t believe it. I’m getting paid to have sex with insanely hot, sexy men – how fucking awesome is that?!’ I guess that isn’t a very deep and intellectual answer, is it? If you wish, I can rephrase…”
Bec-  Oh no, the honest answer is the best by far!  I would probably think the same thing, as would most of our readers!

Q:  Last one Jack.  I love the twins.  Is their connection as strong off the camera as it feels on film?
JACK: “I think I may have already answered this one as well. But oh yes. And even more so. The twins don’t “act”. Everything they do is very real. When they take you in hand, they make love to you in every sense of the word. Off screen, they are as inseparable as on camera. I almost never see one without the other. I know there was a time when they weren’t together, and in fact didn’t even know one another, but I can’t wrap my mind around that. To watch them, you would think they were created with their hands clasped and hearts fused. Their love for each other – and for all of us – is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed in my life. And to be enveloped in the midst of that love…it is absolutely mind blowing.”
Bec-  I bet it is!  I love that the whole house dymanic is changed, it seems, from the love of these two boys! Well Jack, I won't take up anymore of your time.  To say it has been a pleasure is the understatement of the year!!  Have a great one, we'll be watching!

Thanks Becky for getting the scoop from Jack!  Don't forget folks, the story continues with Jack in the Box later at the end of October or early November!  We of course will keep you posted.  

Also written by this author, under the name C.J. Bishop...

Like I said before.  Becky and I kind of owe our partnership to this author for bringing us together to talk about how great her series "The Phoenix Club" is.  Not just a story about strippers.  A story about struggling to survive.  About learning to love when you no longer believe it exists.  A story about trials and tribulations, blame and regret.  Also a story about an unconventional and beautiful family that stands by one another through it all.  These guys go through hell, but they do rise up out of the ashes, just like the mythical phoenix their club is named for.

You won't regret checking this series out, trust me.  Below is the first book in the series.  If you're like me and most of her fans, you'll quickly buy the rest of the series after reading it.  It's that good.
The books come in 3 parts for each main Character.  This first one is free at amazon!  Just click the pic to go to the buy page.  We hope you enjoy it!

 Abel at Amazon


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