Loser Takes All
      (Up-Ending Tad; A Journey of Erotic Discovery # 1)  
                          by: Kora Knight; reviewed by Becky

         After reading this book, I am reminded of that Buster Poindexter song from the '80's, Hot, Hot, Hot! That is exactly what this book was! It is a quick read, but that doesn't diminish the heat, or the humor in this sexy novelette! Kora Knight is obviously a master at writing a sex scene that is engaging, and fresh, and keeps you hoping it doesn't end (and trust me it doesn't for a while)! I suggest this book if you love your M/M erotica on the hot and steamy side, which I certainly do! Thanks Kora, for a wonderful, refreshing read!                  
                                                          *5 Stars*  

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