Something About Jayden by: Rawiya
                                    reviewed by: Becky

Isaac Bridges, closeted account executive for Denton & Associates is waiting to take over the company from CEO Silas Denton Senior after he forced Isaac’s father to sign the company over while on his deathbed. Standing in the way is Silas Junior and upstart intern Jayden DeMario. Jayden’s beauty, intelligence, and commitment to excellence has wowed Isaac so much that Isaac changed his mind about the importance of vengeance for his dad into the vow to win Jayden’s heart. Will Isaac’s decision backfire, leaving him lonely and thus destroying his career?

I love it when a book has a twist in the beginning that grabs you and holds your attention, and this is exactly what happens in this must read by Rawiya! I really enjoyed the writing style of the author, and I was very pleased that the expectations I had for the book were met at every turn! Thanks to Rawiya for this enjoyable winner!     *4.5 Stars*

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