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Okay as promised folks!  Here's a little tease from the book.  We hope you enjoy it. 

Ruin became aware of the smell of Isadore. She was near but not near enough. He opened his eyes and found her . . . not there. He looked around trying to get his bearing. Flashes of fire against a dark sky hit his body and mind with the memory of what had happened. Damn. That was . . . bad.

The bathroom door opened and he shut his eyes. He wasn’t ready to see her face. He realized there were emotions in him he didn’t understand nor could he identify. He knew he didn’t like them. They made him feel weak more so than those emotions he understood did.

The smell of her got stronger, and he longed to feel her until his muscles tensed in desperate anticipation and hope that she might touch him.

The bed sank ever so little just next to him and he remained still, trying to appear in deep sleep as he waited to see what she would do. She let out a long sigh and barely whispered, “Please be okay.”

He wondered then how long he’d been sleeping. He was well rested and it was difficult not to open his eyes, but he waited to see what she might do. The hope that she’d touch him was answered, the barest touch of her finger on one of his tattoos. He fought to remain still and undisturbed as the tip traced silkily over his skin. Judging by the motion, she was tracing several. Until her touch changed to . . . feeling. Immediately, everything and his body came alive as she explored not just the feel of his skin, but the muscles beneath.

The torment was perfectly excruciating. Ruin nearly lost his control when he felt her lips on him, the barest touch. If there was a God . . . let her continue. Let her continue.

“Why are you so perfect?” she barely whispered.

Her arousal hit him and a painful groan forced its way out of him in a gush of power. He turned his head away, seconds from breaking the invisible binds that his body down. Even though she responded with silence and utter stillness, every sense he possessed vibrated with knowing. Knowing how badly she needed to touch him. Taste him. Knowing without looking that her pretty eyes were locked on his throbbing cock. The thought caused his hips to roll with a hard wave of heat.

He could easily be dreaming about her, easily not be aware of what he was doing. He could easily lower his hand in subconscious need. The idea needed no more thought, already his hand drifted slowly over his torso until he reached the throbbing ache at his midsection. Asleep, he wouldn’t be aware of eyes burning on him, watching, ears listening attentively, hands aching to touch, lips wet and parted with the need to taste. Asleep, he would just feel and be what he was. Raging with desire.

Ruin gave himself to the power, letting go of the sounds needing loosed, his ragged breaths filled with feral grunts of hunger as he stroked his fingers over the hard length in his underwear.

The sudden rush of Isadore’s shaky breath confirmed that his plan of subconscious oblivion was working. He pulled his knees up and back, and cupped himself. He encountered Isadore’s body with one knee and nearly lost control. He opened his other leg wide and thrust his cock hard into his hand. Did she like to see him the same way? Judging by the erratic sound of her breathing, yes. She liked it very much.

The thought of her arousal pumped heat into his cock and Ruin again let it take him with a hard roll of his hips. He tipped his head back when the heat came again, moving through his body like a slow constriction.

Ruin wanted to lower his underwear. But something within himself fought the urge, something strong enough to prevent him. He needed to answer her need for pleasure, but he found himself astonished that she would crave to give him pleasure more than anything.

His breath rushed out as he felt her on the bed, kneeling between his legs. She placed her hands on his inner thighs and pressed him to the bed. “My turn,” she whispered, taking hold of his underwear and working them down just enough to free his cock. With a shuddered breath, she placed one hand on his stomach and dug her nails, while grabbing firm hold of his cock at the base. He looked down just as her mouth opened and she took him with a hunger, took him deep, moaning in such a way that Ruin thought his heart would explode out of his chest. He couldn’t stop watching as she held him down, held his cock tightly in dire effort to devour him.

He slammed his hands down and clutched the bed covers, holding on. His underwear prevented him from opening his legs, requiring she straddle him as heat gripped his cock and constant feral grunts accompanied every pump of his hips, faster, harder, keeping up with her devouring pace.

“Isadore!” He choked on her name as he jerked his head back and grabbed tight hold of her head. He bucked his hips, unable to stop this time. Unable to deny himself the pleasure, unable to say yes to agony and pain. He clenched his eyes tight with the bright white heat sparking everywhere in his brain, an explosion of power so raw and potent, he lost who he was, where he was, and why he was. All he knew was the sound of her voice as she greedily took his essence into her body, the stab of her nails echoing the reckless hunger she’d finally satisfied. That he’d finally satisfied. For her.

Almost instantly, the need to do it back slammed him and he sat up just as Isadore retreated off the bed out of his reach. He watched her with hunger, only she didn’t remove her clothes as he’d imagined she would, as he felt she wanted to, but hurried to the bathroom instead.

“What . . .

The door shut. “Sorry, I need to take a shower,” she called.

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