What Does It Matter?

Hello, most of you know me, I'm Bec, and I have been a reviewer of LGBTQ fiction for over 2 years, I usually don't use this blog as a personal forum but I feel like I need to say something now. I ran into my cousin in Wal Mart the other day and had an interesting conversation (interesting bad if we are being honest :P) I was telling him about my blog, since we don't see each other that much we were catching up, and when I told him it was LGBTQ fiction  that I reviewed, he said "Ewww those people are gross!!" I wanted to know what was gross about love, and he said, "I heard gay people don't have real relationships, how could they, they can't have kids." 

First of all, that is such crap, and secondly, just because a couple can't have children between the two of them, doesn't mean they can't have a family. I know some great straight couples that can't have kids and have to use other means to have a family, does that mean they are less than a family? That their relationship is less than real? NO! It doesn't, just like it doesn't mean that a gay relationship is less than! I firmly believe that if two people love each other, and are committed, then what does it matter who they are committed to? They're happy, that should be what we all care about! 

Imagine how invasive it would be for people to constantly stare at you and your partner like you were less than, who you love should have no bearing on what job you can get, or where you can go out without feeling like you are under a microscope, it just shouldn't. I get that people have beliefs but why are you able to spout that being gay is a sin, and we who support the LGBTQ community can't say a word in defense? I just shake my head sometimes because it is so baffling! I have made some of the best friends I have ever had since starting this blog, and they make you feel at home, and there is no judgement, that's the best part. 

Have you ever been in a Church and feel like you are being judged? I love my Church and I love the Lord, but my God is not one of scorn and hate, my God is one of love and acceptance. If a straight man has cheated on his wife and it is known in the Church, he can still be a Deacon, someone people come to for counseling and to pray with ( I have seen this happen), but if a man is married to another man or a woman to another woman, these people can't even teach Sunday School, or even feel welcome in some denominations, I just don't know why that is! There are so many people missing out on a great lesson about love and tolerance and it is a shame. 

Why should a man that isn't faithful be exalted and praised, but one in a faithful and loving relationship not even be allowed to share the knowledge he has? I have a hope that this will change one day, but I just don't know. I pray that tolerance will take the place of hate and love will overcome evil, but if that isn't possible, at least let people live their lives in peace. 

I am rambling but I will close with this, everyone has a right to live and love as they wish, everyone has a right to make choices that make them happy. So next time you see a couple holding hands and they happen to me a guy and a guy or a girl and a girl, just be happy that they look happy, don't be judgmental, for as the Bible says, "Judge not lest ye be judged", and honey no one is perfect! 

Thanks for listening, and remember: Love is Love!! 


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