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We've featured this author before and will most definitely do so again.  We're definitely huge fans.
She is definitely one of our favorite authors at Bike.  This gifted and hilarious lady has quite a few great works that we're happy to praise.  But today we're gonna focus on her supernatural series,
The Tinder Chronicles.  We'll provide links so you can check out the series for yourself!  Also an interview with Alexa Land.  We hope you check these stories out and let us know what you think!
We'll let you know what we think down below with a review from Mike.  So lets get started.

Tinder’s world is black and white, good and evil clearly defined. The young vampire hunter was taught to hate his enemy with a passion, and hating them is easy since they killed his entire family. His attraction to Bane, a gorgeous, mysterious vampire, contradicts everything Tinder believes in, but the heat between them is undeniable. As the vampires rise up and hunters become the hunted, Bane may also be Tinder’s only chance for survival. Maybe the world’s not so black and white after all.

Review by Mike

I've read other stories by this author, and I haven't been disappointed yet.  That won't be changing today!  She changes pace with this series, shifting into the supernatural.  One of my favorite features in an Alexa Land book, is her sense of humor.  She creates characters and scenes that truly crack me up.  While that still holds true here, the veneer is a little darker.  The humor fits the characters completely.  This story is a little darker, a little grittier than some of the other stories I've read by her.
In my opinion it works to make this story that much better.  Definitely one of my new favorite vampire stories.

I think almost everyone has seen, read, or had a dream or two about vampires.  Even though sinister, there is definitely something sexy about this immortal monster.  Something so intimate in the way they feed.  Something so dark and dangerous, strong and fast.  Yet they also have such inherent weaknesses and vulnerabilities.  The author catches all these nuances in this story.  

Our main character is a Hunter.  Born into a family that basically had children to continue the war.
Tinder has issues... That's putting it lightly.  He's not huge and hulking.  He's not immortal.  He's not perfect.  Glass is hard, but it would shatter if that's all Tinder was.  He is more like steel.  Tempered by fire into a weapon that gets banged around and keeps fighting.  His personality, his choices along the way, and the way he handles those choices create such an interesting character.  He really thinks he has it all figured out, until Bane shows up...

What can I say about Bane?  First of all, YUM.  This gorgeous vamp with a British accent is just beyond sexy.  He's old, and really powerful.  He's also falling for a certain stubborn, adorable Hunter.
The chemistry between these two characters starts off with a bang.  Well actually its a stake.  I think that's one of the reasons I love this story, because Alexa didn't pull punches.  She really made these guys fierce.  The love scenes are...

YES thank you Elijah, that's exactly it!  Really though, its HOT.  I have only one complaint about this series.  I WANT MORE!  Haha no really it's a great read folks, and I am truly hoping we can see more books like this from this great author!  

Sink your teeth into the interview with Alexa Land!

Q:  What inspired you to write about vampires?  Was it a character, show, or book we may have heard of?

A:  I’ve always been fascinated by vampire mythology. My mom was actually born in Transylvania, so I was raised on vampire lore. Beyond that, shows like Supernatural and Joss Whedon’s Buffy and Angel series really inspired me. I loved that those series were both dark and funny, and I wanted to write something in that vein, only with a gay main character.

I agree!  Vampires have always been intriguing to me as well.  Don't even get me started on Buffy.  O.m.g. loved that show!  I can definitely see the influence on the story.  Very nicely done.

Q:  If you had to pick one of two vamps, Edward (from Twilight) or Michael (from Lost Boys)?  

A:  Oh man, I LOVE The Lost Boys! It was filmed in Santa Cruz, where I lived for years, so I’ve always felt a special connection to it. And Jason Patric as Michael – yes. Just yes. :)

I think you won the vampire lottery for this answer.  Michael was indeed the hotness.

Q:  Any chance you may get into other supernatural creatures or characters?

A:  That’s pretty unlikely. I’ve always had a thing for vampires (LOL!) but that’s about it.

 Well that's okay, you more than make up for it with the awesome vamps.

Q:  Are you team Vampire or team Hunter? Hehe

A:  LOL! Team Vampire. I can’t help it, I just love the bad boys!

                                                                        OH YEAH!

Q:  Is there a plan to continue the series?  Perhaps with another character we've met so far?

A:  The plan is to wrap it up with this book, but never say never! I’d written my first novel, Feral, to be a stand-alone, but it ended up as a sort of prequel to The Tinder Chronicles. Right now, I feel like the story is done. But who knows, it could lay the groundwork for something else down the road!

Well we can dare to dream of more sexy vamps in our future then!

Q:  The setting for the series primarily takes place in California.  Any particular reason you chose CA?

A:  I decided to set The Tinder Chronicles in southern California for a couple reasons. First of all, I grew up there and know the area well, so I could draw from my experience. But beyond that, I just loved the contrast of Tinder’s dark, dangerous world and colorful, happy southern California. Tinder is an outsider through and through, and to put him in a setting like that just really emphasized how isolated he is from the rest of society.

The contrast definitely worked.  It highlighted how gritty these guys situation can get.  How out of place Tinder is.  Such a fantastic setting.  Loved it!

Thanks for answering our questions Alexa!  Both Becky and I have really enjoyed talking with you and sharing these stories!  We can't wait to have you back on our page for more fun.  Stop by our 
FB Page October 16th at 6:00pm CST to join us and others as we chat with Alexa Land.


Twitter: @AlexaLandWrites


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