HAWK 'N' HARLEY by: Max Vos
                                                               reviewed by : Becky

Dan Cowen is a fourth grade teacher who isn't exactly in the closet. He likes to keep his personal life just that - personal. But when he has cause to speak with the parent of a student, Harley Smith, into his life - and his classroom - strolls Hawk, large as life and twice as sexy. Hawk is pushing all Dan's buttons. So when Dan is invited to dinner, he jumps at the chance.

Neither man has a clue where dinner will lead to...

This sweet little story shows you that it doesn't have to be a full length book for readers to love and remember it. This is a lovely story of finding love in unexpected places. The characters meshed so well, and the story flowed flawlessly! Max Vos delivered a winner here, but I was in no way at all surprised by that! Great job Max!                        

                                                                        *5 stars*

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